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4 Asian Countries Beauty Secrets You Should Know

Asian Culture and its traditions are far different from the rest of the world . Asian Skin care rituals are very famous all over the world are opted by many women to enhance their beauty.

Here We Are Going To Highlight Few Asian Countries And Its Skin Care Rituals:

1. Japanese Beauty Secrets

We all know Japanese girls are most beautiful in the world . Let it be their skin tone or their features, they score everywhere. They never look their age. Lets get to know how they take care of their hair and skin. Japanese women always prefer wooden comb to brush their hair. They also use natural ingredients such as seaweed powder, camellia oil for their hair to keep it healthy. They always use oils for deep facial cleansing and for makeup removal. They prefer rice bran oil and vitamin e oil for the same. You might have heard that they use bird poop on their face as a mask. Most of women swear by a face mask called as Uguisu no fun which is made of sterilized nightingale poop. It helps to brighten up the skin. Last but not the least , everyday they brush their face with soft bristled brush. It helps to tone up the skin and allows serums & moisturizers penetrate effectively .

Japanese Beauty Secrets

2. Chinese Beauty Secrets

You must have seen most of Chinese women have porcelain skin. They drink lot of green tea which is a rich source of anti oxidant. It helps them to keep their skin younger. They swear by the fresh mint face pack to brighten up their complexion. They just make a paste of fresh mint leaves and apply it on face. Chinese women also swear by the pearl face mask which helps to calm down the skin. The Mask contains pearl powder, honey and egg yolk. This mask also helps to prevent inflammation and rejuvenates the skin. Most of Chinese women use rice in their beauty recipes. especially the rice water. They use rice water as a skin toner. It is very simple to make this toner. You would just need to soak unpolished rice in water and keep it refrigerator . Use this mixture as a toner.

Chinese Beauty Secrets

3. Korean Beauty Secrets

A country of most beautiful actresses we have ever come across. Korean women known to have the best skin and to achieve that they actually put lot of effort. Most of them follow 424 technique when it comes to facial cleansing. You would need to use any facial cleansing oil on face and massage it for 4 minutes. This oil helps to dissolve the sebum, other oils and impurities. After massaging they wash the face with water and follow up with using cleansing face wash for 2 minutes. Massage it and wash it off with water. After that they wash face with warm water and end with cold water for 4 minutes. Most of Korean actress use salted lukewarm water to treat the acne. They also prefer Patting rather than rubbing the moisturizer into the skin. They always keep themselves away from harsh sun rays either buy using sunscreen or by using broad umbrellas.

Korean Beauty Secrets

4. Indonesian Beauty Secrets

Most of Indonesian women use coffee grounds to naturally exfoliate the skin. They use damp tea bags to heal their cracked lips which is caused due to excessive heat. They always use Fresh Avocado as a hair conditioner.

Indonesian Beauty Secrets

Lets try to incorporate few of these simple tips in our skin care routine also.