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4 Best Ways To Use Baby Lotion In Skin Care Routine

Who doesn’t love the heavenly smell of Baby Products. Especially the Soaps and Lotion. Sometimes we cant resist our self to use it on our skin. I am sure most of you must have done it. Jokes apart You will be surprised to know that there are many ways which we can use baby products in our skin care routine. Since all the baby products are mild and gentle , there are no chances of side effects.

Here We Are Listing Down The Uses Of Baby Lotions In Our Skin Care Routine. Let Have A Look.

1. Body Lotion

As we use it for babies skin to keep their skin nourished and supple, similarly even we can use it for our skin.Since the consistency is thinner as compared to our body lotions it sinks into our skin instantly and doesn’t leave any greasy film behind. You can use it all over your body. Even girls with Oily and normal skin can use this on their face as well. You can use the thick baby cream for your knees , elbows and even use it as a foot cream. It is quiet thicker as compared to the lotion. It is perfect for all skin types. Dry skin beauties may find it less moisturizing. They can try the baby cream instead .

body lotion

2. Every Day Tinted Day Cream

Yes! Tinted day cream. You people must be wondering how . I will tell you. Most of tinted creams and BB creams contain drops of foundation to give us the light coverage. Then why not use the same drop of foundation to get the home made tinted cream? You would need a baby lotion and your regular foundation. If you don’t have a foundation then no worries. You can use your compact as well. Mix a drop of foundation or some compact into baby lotion and mix it well. Your tinted cream is ready. You would need to adjust the quantity of foundation or concealer as per your requirement. You can even prepare it and store it. This would give your a moisturized skin with tinted look. It is perfect for everyday use. It is perfect for every skin type. Dry skin girls can use the baby cream instead of baby lotion.

Every Day Tinted Day Cream

3. Make Up Remover

You would be surprised to know that you can even remove your make up with the help of a baby lotion. Even the waterproof one. We have been using ready to use make up removers and oils to do so. But we never considered this one. It removes make up very well and leave soft and nourished skin behind. It is effective for all your water proof eye liners, Eye shadows , Lip tints. Just for everything. It is very simple to use . Just apply the baby lotion all over your face including eyes. Let it sit for a minutes and then simply wipe off with a cotton. You would be surprised to see all your make up on the Cotton.

Make Up Remover

4. Hand And Foot Cream

Most of us are hygiene freak and keep washing our hands every now and then. Though we have hand sanitizer nowadays, people still prefer to use wash hands by hand wash or soap. Excessive cleansing and washing leads to a dry skin. We always carry a tube of hand cream in our bag to take care of hands. But now no need to spend additional bucks on it. You can use baby lotion as your hand creams as well. You can use it during a day and night while sleeping. It would keep your hand nourished and soft. And the most important Baby-sh smell.Just amazing. Most of us try to do the manicure at home to save the cost. You can use this lotion to massage you hands and cuticle. Similarly you can use it on your feet as well during pedicure session. It works well there as well. It might not work during winters wherein our feet gets excessive dry. But you can use it during summers and monsoons.

Hand and Foot Cream

Hope this remedies would find useful for you. Get a baby lotion now and start using it. Let us know your experience with it .