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4 DIY Homemade Hair Growth Tonics

DIY Homemade Hair Growth Tonics

Hair fall is a common problem that all of us have. Excessive loss of hair can be due to a number of reasons which include hereditary problems, stress, hormonal imbalance, imbalance in diet and much more. It becomes necessary to provide some tonic to your hair so that it gets rejuvenated and the fall of hair can get controlled. Using some simple ingredients you can easily prepare hair tonics for hair. Mentioned below are some recipes of making hair growth tonics at home.

Mustard Oil And Fenugreek Seeds Hair Tonic:

Mustard oil and fenugreek nourish the hair and help in controlling hair fall. This tonic is very effective in controlling thinning of hair. Fenugreek seeds contain proteins and nourish the hair follicles. Mustard oil helps in improving blood circulation in the scalp.


Half liter of mustard oil and 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds


Take mustard oil in a pan. To it add fenugreek seeds. Heat the mixture on a low flame. Do not boil it. After few minutes the color of the oil will turn black. Remove the pan from the flame and let it stand for 20 minutes. Strain the mixture and store the oil in a clean bottle and discard the seeds. Massage the oil gently in the scalp and leave it overnight. Wash hair with a mild shampoo next morning. If you wish to add volume to your hair then just add a little olive oil to the fenugreek seeds infused mustard oil and apply to the scalp. Follow the remedy regularly in order to get positive results.

Mustard Oil And Fenugreek Seeds Hair Tonic

Nettle Leaves Hair Tonic:

Nettle leaves have plenty of iron and improve the circulation of blood in the scalp. Nettle leaves are also found to be effective against dandruff.


2 cups of water ,few fresh nettle leaves or 3 tablespoons of dried nettle leaves and few drops of lavender essential oil


Take fresh nettle leaves in a vessel and add water to it. Boil the mixture and then let it simmer on low flame for ten minutes. Cool the mixture. Strain it and add few drops of lavender essential oil and store the tonic in the refrigerator. In case of dried nettle leaves simply pour boiling water on the dried nettle leaves and let it stand for half an hour. Strain the solution and add the essential oil. Apply this hair tonic and massage it in the hair .After 10 minutes rinse the hair with water. Use this nettle hair tonic on a regular basis to get rid of hair problems.

Nettle Leaves Hair Tonic

Horsetail Hair Tonic:

Horsetail contains silica which is known to make hair stronger and it also helps in controlling hair fall.


Fresh horsetail and water


Boil water in a container .Lower the flame so that it keeps simmering and to this add the fresh horsetail. Let it steep for 20 to 30 minutes. Strain the solution. Shampoo hair with a regular shampoo and pour the tonic on the shampooed hair. Wrap hair with a warm clean cloth or towel and leave it for half an hour. Rinse hair with water.

Horsetail Hair Tonic

Rosemary And Parsley Seed Hair Tonic:

Both rosemary and parsley seed nourish the hair and make it glossy and shiny. Parsley seeds are also known to be effective on lice.


Half cup of rosemary, 2 tablespoons of parsley seeds and water


Chop fresh rosemary and take half cup of chopped rosemary. Take 2 tablespoons of parsley seeds and crush them. Mix rosemary and parsley seeds. Boil water and add the mixture of herbs to the boiling water and let it steep for 20 minutes. Cool the liquid and then strain it. Apply the liquid to clean hair and cover the head with warm cloth or towel for one hour. Do not wash off the hair tonic. Let the hair dry with the tonic on it.

Rosemary And Parsley Seed Hair Tonic

Use these simple homemade hair tonics for strong, long and beautiful hair. Moreover they do not have any harmful side effects.