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3 Effective Ways to Manage Diabetes Naturally

Effective Ways to Manage Diabetes Naturally

Diabetes is a disease in which glucose level in your blood is higher than normal. Glucose level increases when a hormone called Insulin released in very low quantity or not at all released by your Pancreas. Pancreas is an organ which situated just adjacent to your Stomach. When you continuously consume a diet which is low in dietary fiber and high in simple carbs and sugar, spikes your glucose level instantly and your Pancreas overworked to control the increased quantity of glucose by converting it into glycogen.

Types Of Diabetes:

Type 1

When your Pancreas does not produce enough amount of insulin. The cause behind Type 1 Diabetes is still unknown.

Type 2

When your body fails to respond to insulin properly. The most common cause behind Type 2 Diabetes is lack of physical activities and excess weight.

1. Gestational Diabetes:

When a pregnant woman develop high blood sugar.

Millions of people are affected from Diabetes but Type 2 Diabetes is the most common and comprises around 90% of total affected population.Diabetes can also cause Blindness, Heart attack, Kidney failure and Amputation. So the proper management of Diabetes is very important.

How To Manage Diabetes:

Unfortunately Diabetes has no cure; you can only manage it through certain ways. As Type 1 can be managed through insulin injections but for Type 2 you can follow the below mentioned measures.


As lack of workout and physical activities are the main cause behind Type 2 Diabetes so in order to manage it you have to follow a good workout regime.When you workout you burn that excess sugar (glucose) as your body is not responding to the insulin produced by your Pancreas.Workout helps you in lowering your blood sugar level and cutting that extra fat.Start your workout plan slowly as you must not be exercising since years. Go for a 30 minute walk initially and gradually increase the time and speed of your walking.



Your food plays a very crucial role in managing your Diabetes. You eat healthy, you live a healthy life.You must keep a check of what you are eating. To manage your Diabetes well, consume a food which is high in complex carbs and fiber and low in sugar.


Foods Which Are Laden With Complex Carbs And High In Fiber Should Be Consumed Like:

Whole grain

Foods To Avoid

Simple carb and high Sugar foods to be avoided like
Packed fruit juice
White bread

2. Herbs And Spices

Many herbs and Spices proved to be very effective in managing Diabetes.

Herbs And Spices


Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties and is a very good anti-oxidant, which reduces the inflammation. Studies have shown that Cinnamon proved very effective in lowering the blood sugar level. Add some Cinnamon to your diet by sprinkle it or by adding it to your tea.


Soak handful of Fenugreek seed in water at night and drink that water after removing fenugreek from the water in the morning. It is very beneficial in managing the diabetes.

Black Plum

Consume this fruit as it is high in Vitamin C. Make powder of Black Plum seeds and consume this powder. It is also very beneficial.

Bitter Guard Tomato Juice

Take one Bitter guard one Tomato and one Cucumber make a glass of juice of the same. Consume it and you will see your blood sugar level is dropped drastically.

3. Yoga

Yoga proved to be very beneficial in managing Diabetes.


It’s a breathing techniques by which your body detoxifies itself. It helps in reactivating your Pancreas. To perform Kapalbhati sit in a comfortable position by folding your legs and then take deep breath hold your breath for a few seconds and exhale completely. Now take smaller breaths and exhale with a thrust. Repeat the process for at least 10 minutes.



It is again a breathing technique, to perform this, sit in a comfortable position and inhale through one nostril while closing the other one with your finger and then hold your breath for few seconds and then exhale through the nostril which were closed initially by removing the finger while closing the other nostril, and repeat the process for 10-15 Minutes. It increases the oxygen supply in your body. It cleans your body and mind.


Mandookasana( Frog Pose)

This position of Yoga also reactivates your Pancreas. To perform this you need to sit with folding your legs and placing your heels under your hips, heels facing out ward. Now take a deep breath hold it for few seconds and exhale it completely. Now make fist and place both of your fists on the either side of your stomach and lean forward, maintain this position for ten second and then come back. Repeat it for 10-15 times.

Mandookasana( Frog Pose)