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4 Steps To Prepare Coconut Lemon Body Butter For Glowing Skin

Summer, Monsoon or Winters let it be any season moisturization is must for our facial and Body skin. Due to lack of moisture skin looks dull and wrinkled. Hence it is very important to keep it hydrated.It is always recommended to massage our skin with natural oils such as olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil before taking bath. It helps to prevent the moisture during bathing process. But due to our hectic schedule we never get time for such ritual and we always end up using moisturizers after bathing session to replenish the lost moisture. Most of the time we use store bought body lotions or Body butters to take care of our body skin .

Today We Are Going To Discuss About A Simple Recipe Of Body Butter Which You Can Make It At Home With Very Few Ingredients:

coconut oil, jojoba oil, lemon and corn starch

Step 1

In this step we would collect all the ingredients. We would need One cup of a Coconut oil, Two tablespoons of Jojoba Oil, One tablespoon of Corn Starch and Few drops of Lemon Essential Oil . If you do not have Jojoba oil you can also use almond oil or Vitamin E oil capsule. Here cornstarch would help to bind all the oils together.

Step 2

Here we will be Mixing all the ingredients. Take a bowl and add Coconut oil in it.You would need to freeze the coconut oil for sometime to turn it to solid. Now add few drops of Lemon oil and Two Tablespoons of Jojoba oil to it. Now time to add the cornstarch. Mix it well to get a thick butter like consistency.

Step 3

Since the Coconut oil is in solid form we would need to whip the mixture consistently to take a butter like texture. If it starts melting put it in a freezer again for sometime and whip it again. Make sure you do not use any kind of electric mixer or blender for this since the mixture can melt due to the heat of mixer.Now lets move to the step four.

Step 4

Since the mixture is ready, its time to store our Body butter now. We would be using plastic jar for the same. Make sure it is properly cleaned and should not contain a trace of a moisture since it can lead to fungus. Now Scoop the mixture into the Jar. Now make sure you keep this body butter in the fridge since coconut oil can melt at room temperature. Whenever you want to use it just scoop out the mixture with the help of a small spatula and again keep it in the fridge.

Here we have prepare this body butter with all natural ingredients without using any preservatives or chemicals. It is very easy to prepare and quiet cheaper than the other available body butters in the market. It contains the goodness for coconut oil which is great for dry skin. This body butter is also beneficial for those who has stretch marks issue since the coconut oil would help to smooth them. The lemon oil gives a refreshing fragrance with every application. It is always recommended to apply the body butter when your skin in damp since it helps to absorb the nutrients faster. Do try this easy recipe of body butter and let us know if you know such awesome ideas.