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5 Amazing Benefits Of Banana Peel

Benefits of Banana Peel

We all know that bananas are rich in a number of useful nutrients that are very essential for a healthy living but you would be surprised to know that even banana peel is very useful in getting a lot of benefits. Here are the useful benefits that you can get from a banana peel.

Pain Reliever

Banana peel acts as a wonderful pain reliever. All you need is to mix a few drops of oil and banana peel. Application of this mixture over the affected area helps in reducing the pain very effectively.

Pain Reliever

Treats Wrinkles

Banana peel is very useful for treating the problems of wrinkles. For this all you need is to make a face pack by using mashed banana peel and egg yolk. Mix both the ingredients and apply it over your face followed by rinsing off with lukewarm water after half an hour.

Treats Wrinkles

Whitens Your Teeth

For the people who have yellow teeth, banana peel is a wonder for them. Rubbing banana peel over your teeth for a few minutes helps in increasing the whiteness very effectively.

Whitens your teeth

Treats Bug Bites

A lot of people face the problem of bug bites, mosquito bites that affects the skin. The itching and pain caused by the bite is very irritating but you can get an instant relief from this pain and itching. All you need is to rub a banana peel over the affected area for a minute or two.

Treats bug bites

Acts As Shoe Shiner

Rubbing a banana peel over your shoes helps in providing instant shine to your shoes. You can use banana peel over leather shoes and the silver part of the shoes.

Acts as shoe shiner

So next time you eat a banana don’t just throw away the peel.