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5 Amazing Benefits Of Evening Primrose Essential Oil

Oenothera biennis is actually the chemical name of the plant that is required for the preparation of the evening primrose oil and this plant is native to North America and even some of the parts of the South America and Europe as well. All the parts of the evening primrose plant are edible and there are indeed some wide range of medicinal benefits that can be easily acquired with the use of this oil.

Here Are Some Of The Amazing Benefits Of Evening Primrose Essential Oil:

1. Handles Hair Loss

Primrose oil can handle the cases of hair loss quite well and hence this oil is recommended to all the individuals who indeed suffer with many problems regarding their hair and scalp [1] . This is because evening primrose oil is said to have possessed with some high amounts of gamma linoleic acid which is actually omega 6 fatty acid. This omega fatty acid is highly responsible for some healthy hair growth. Also it is said that this oil aids a lot in reducing the conversion of the testosterone hormone to DHT which is responsible for hairloss. Hence it is recommended to apply a bit of evening primrose oil directly to your hair and alternatively one can use many of the oil capsules which are now commonly available in the market on the whole.

Hair Loss

2. Promotes Skin Health

This is one of the most famous benefit of the evening primrose oil and also this constitutes the reason for its wide usage in the medicines in the present day [2] . Eczema is one such a skin disease that is mainly caused due to some allergic food reactions, usage of improper soaps etc. This disease can cause many red blisters on the skin and even a few painful cracks. Such a poor condition of the skin health isn’t something highly desired. Hence there’s a lot of necessity for a person to tackle this problem with one of the most commonly available natural remedy. Evening primrose oil can suit the purpose a lot better as it is quite well known to handle these sort of diseases and eczema attack can make your body deficient of gamma linoleic acid. One mustn’t forget that evening primrose oil is quite rich in this fatty acid and it has a tendency to restore the health of an individual quite easily. Hence it is highly advisable for a person to consume evening primrose oil to tackle the cases of eczema in a highly efficient manner.

Skin Health

3. Handles Acne

Acne is mainly caused due to the hormonal imbalance as a result of some low amounts of omega 6 fatty acids in it [3] . Hence it must always be remembered that evening primrose oil is quite rich in omega fatty acids which has a strong tendency to restore many of the health conditions and also it promotes skin elasticity. This in turn reduces acne to the maximum possible extent on the whole.


4. Rheumatoid Arthritis

This is indeed a sort of chronic arthritis that mostly occurs at the joints of various organs on the whole [4] . These include certain cxases with the hands, knee, legs etc. Evening Primrose oil can be highly helpful in handling such cases a lot efficiently.


5. Osteoporosis

Many of the studies have even proved that consumption of evening primrose oil can be highly helpful to reduce the extent of osteoporosis [5] .