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5 Amazing DIY Recipes Of Clay Masks For Acne Free Skin

Do you hate to see those popped pimples on your face when you wake up ? No matter how many products you try on your face but still you get those breakouts. Sometimes the chemical compositions loaded in the anti acne products can dry out the skin more and can give you other skin irritations as well. You might have experienced the redness and sometimes itching as well after using those products. At the end of the day you just put those bottles and containers in the dustbin. Now what to do after that. Nature has an answer for each and every skin concern. Have you tried Clay for your skin ? Clay works best for acne and even for the skin irritations as well. But you must be wondering how to use it ? Here is the detailed post of how to make different clay masks at home .

Amazing DIY Recipes Of Clay Masks For Acne Free Skin:

1. Clay With Cucumber


Two teaspoons of Bentonite Clay
One teaspoon of Cucumber Juice
Two teaspoons of Rose Water

Preparation Method:

Bentonite clay is easily available everywhere. You can even find it online. Add two teaspoons of it to the teaspoon of Cucumber Juice. Add rose water as well . Apply this mixture on your face and let it work for about 15 minutes before washing off with warm water. Nothing can be as soothing as fresh Cucumber juice. Its astringent properties also controls the oily shine on the face and reduce the breakouts as well. Rose water would also does its job to keep your pores clean and less prominent.

Clay with Cucumber

2. Clay With Tea Tree Oil


Three Teaspoons of Bentonite Clay
One Teaspoon of Honey
One Tablespoon of Rose Water
Five drops of Tea Tree oil

Preparation Method:

Rose Water is known to be the best ingredient to soothe the acne and reduce the swelling due to its anti inflammatory properties. Hence regular usage of this on acne would surely give you the great results. When it is added with clay it works like magic on acne and the oily skin. Mix three tablespoons of bentonite clay with one teaspoon of honey , one tablespoon of rose water and few drops of tea tree oil. Use this face mask for 20 minutes on your face to see the rejuvenated and lesser breakouts.

Clay With Tea Tree Oil

3. Clay With Oatmeal


One Tablespoon of Bentonite Clay
One Tablespoon of Grounded Oatmeal
Five drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil
Two Tablespoons of Water

Preparation Method:

How about soothing your acne with oatmeal. The soothing oatmeal plays a very important role in various skin care remedies to give you relief from irritated skin and other skin issues. Lets use it with clay to diminish the acne. Take One tablespoon of grounded oatmeal in a bowl. Now add a tablespoon of Bentonite clay, tea tree essential oil and water as well to make a mask. Put this anti acne clay mask on your face for and leave it till it dries. This mask would do a job of exfoliation as well due to the grounded oatmeal.

Clay With Oatmeal

4. Clay With Chamomile


One Tablespoon of Bentonite Clay
One Teaspoon of dried Chamomile flowers powder or Chamomile tea bag
One teaspoon of Honey
One Tablespoon of Water
Five drops of Lavender Essential Oil

Preparation Method:

Most of us start our day with herbal teas. It has become one of the most important part of our routine. We all are aware of the amazing health benefits of it. Chamomile tea is a soothing herbal tea which is great for our body detoxification . This detoxifying tea would help to clear your skin as well. Yes. Use it with clay to detoxify your skin. You can use dried chamomile flower powder or chamomile tea bag as well. Take one teaspoon of the same and add it to the bentonite clay with honey, water and lavender essential oil. Take a brush and use it to apply the mask on your face. You should keep this mask on your face for 20 minutes.

Clay With Chamomile

5. Clay with Honey


One Tablespoon of Bentonite Clay
One Tablespoon of Honey
One Tablespoon of water

Preparation Method:

When we add honey to any face masks it certainly enhances its benefits since it is loaded with many nutrient and many good properties which are beneficial to get rid of most of skin care issues specially acne. Use one tablespoon of honey with one tablespoon of Benonite clay and water to make a smooth mask. It is beneficial if you use this mask once in a week for 20 minutes to get  relief from acne.

Clay with Honey