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5 Amazing Home Remedies For Canker Sore

The most common thing that people usually think of canker sores is that they are indeed common to that of cold sores which mostly occur during the cold weather season. However, one has to realize that the cold sores and canker sore are quite different where canker sores are a type of ulcers formed on the lip, tongue and teeth which makes you quite uncomfortable especially during the time of taking your meal. However they are known to vanish after a few days, there are even cases when these canker sores have lasted for months. This is something quite irritation and one has to sort out some excellent natural remedies to handle this purpose quite well and in this regard, this article features some of the best natural remedies that can deal with canker sores and reduce the extent of the sores quite quickly and enable you to take your meal in a lot comfortable manner than before.

Here Are Some Amazing Home Remedies For Canker Sore:

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be considered as one of the worthy natural remedy that can deal with the cases of canker sores quite well and this is because of the presence of some high amounts of anti microbial and anti inflammatory properties of the coconut oil that can reduce canker sores to a greater extent [1] . Using coconut oil can be in the form of direct application on the effected area or in taking foods made of coconut oil. It is highly advisable for a person to use a cotton plug in absorbing the coconut oil and then apply it on the area of the sore and this process has to be repeated daily to get rid of the sores quite quickly.

Coconut Oil

2. Clove Oil

Undoubtedly, clove oil is one such an essential oil that has been serving greatly in the dental industry and also it is being recommended by most of the doctors during some troubles with the teeth [2]. This is because clove oil is well known in reducing the pain during dental problems and during cases of canker sores, this property can also be highly effective. Also cotton balls can be used in the absorption of clove oil and this ball has to be applied directly on the affected area and you have to leave it for a few minutes. This process has to be repeated daily to experience some better benefits.

Clove Oil

3. Yogurt

Yogurt is yet another natural remedy that can handle the cases of canker sores quite well and this is simply because of the fact that yogurt is actually made of fermented milk and fermented milk consists of bacteria and this bacteria content in yogurt can be highly effective in handling the cases of canker sores by balancing the amount of bacteria present in the mouth [3] .


4. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is known to possess a compound called as  bisabolol which is actually proved to exhibit some excellent anti bacterial and antiseptic properties and this property of chamomile tea can be highly effective to handle the cases of canker sores quite well and hence it is recommended for a person suffering from canker sores to consume chamomile tea daily for some better purposes [4] .

Chamomile Tea

5. Honey


Honey has numerous anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties in it that are highly worthy enough to deal with canker sores and hence a bit of honey can be applied daily on the whole [5] .