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5 Amazing Recipes To Lighten Your Hair Naturally

Most of us love to color our hair. We all dream to have those shiny locks with beautiful glossy color and we always use the chemically laden hair colors . Most of the hair colors contain ammonia which can be harmful for your skin and can cause side effects in the long run. Henna is very popular option when it comes to give a reddish tint to your hair but most of the people complain that it dries out their hair like anything.

Here Are Some Amazing Recipes To Lighten Your Hair Naturally: 

1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the best ingredient when it comes to lightening your hair. The recipe is very simple. You would need to mix a teaspoon of cinnamon powder with enough water to make a smooth paste. Now Shampoo your hair and apply your regular conditioner. Do not wash off the conditioner. Apply this paste on your slick hair and cover with shower cap. Let it sit for at least five to six hours. You can also keep it over night for best results. Now wash off your hair and experience the lighter and shinier mane.


2. Vodka

This sparkling drink also helps to lighten our hair strands. Most of you must have use as a conditioner or a final rinse to get the shiny hair. But today we would be using it to lighten our hair. We would need to mix Two parts of soda water and one part of vodka and store it in the spray bottle. You can just spray this mixture on your hair an go out in the sun shine. The alcohol and sun rays will help to lift up the natural pigments in your mane.


3. Lemon

Most of people swear by this remedy when comes to hair lightening. It is one of the most tried and tested method. The recipe is also very simple. You would need to mix two tablespoons of lemon juice with one cup of lukewarm water and apply this mixture on all over your hair as a mask. Enjoy the sunshine once you apply this mask since sun rays will activate the lemon which would result in to lighter hair. This remedy can cause you bit dryness hence it is advised to apply the hydrating mask to lock the moisture.


4. Baking Soda

This magical ingredient also helps to lighten the hair. We generally use the Baking soda to remove the hair build up and dandruff. But today we would be using this ingredient to lighten the hair. We would need to mix one teaspoon of baking soda with one jar of a water. Apply this mixture after you shampoo your hair. You would need to use it as a rinse . After that condition your hair as usual. You can use this remedy once in a month to see the result gradually. Due to its alkaline content, baking soda helps to lift up the cuticle in your hair.

Baking Soda

5. Chamomile Tea

Have you ever thought your favorite stress busting rejuvenating tea can also give you lighter locks. Chamomile tea helps to add a golden tint to your hair. The recipe is very simple. You would need to steep one chamomile tea bag into one mug of boiling water and let it simmer for 10 minutes. Once it cools down , Pour this mixture on all over your hair and let the hair strands soak chamomile tea. Cover your hair with shower cap and let it site over night. Rinse in the morning.

Chamomile Tea