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5 Best Ways To Reduce Interstitial Cystitis

Best Ways To Reduce Interstitial Cystitis

Interstitial cystitis, commonly called as a painful bladder syndrome happens with many men and women in this generation. People who are affected from interstitial cystitis can experience frequent urination and severe pain on their abdominal or in the bladder areas. Researchers have found that home remedies are the best to treat with interstitial cystitis. Below mentioned are some of the home remedies that one can follow to get rid of this bladder problem from their body.

Best Ways To Cure Interstitial Cystitis

1. Using Herbal Tea

Relaxing the muscles and soothing your bladder can help in reducing the pain caused by interstitial cystitis. Herbal tea has the ingredients in them that can help in soothing up your bladder. The tea that is made from the herbs can prevent any kind of swelling and infection from happening around the urinary bladder. The herbs can reduce the irritation that is caused by the existing lining. A marshmallow root made tea can help in reducing the pain that occurs with frequent urination. Marshmallow root tea can be easily prepared at home as it is widely available in packages around the markets. This kind of root tea can help as a quick relief for the bladder pain. Horsetail products can heal the irritated bladder lines and Usnea can prevent the infections from spreading to other parts of your body.

Using Herbal Tea

2. Using Baking Soda

Baking Soda has the ability to control the symptoms that happen in your body due to Interstitial Cystitis. Take a tablespoon of baking soda and mix it with one glass of drinking water. Drink this solution to get rid of frequent urination problem. Baking soda helps in reducing the acidity of your urine and it can slowly reduce the bladder irritations and pain. Baking soda has sodium in them and one can intake baking soda directly with the advice of a doctor. Baking soda also acts as an external soothing agent. Add some baking soda to warm water and then take a bath in it. This can help in reducing the bladder or the abdominal pain and relaxes your muscles.

Using Baking Soda

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3. Using Calcium Citrate

Calcium is yet another C substance that can help in getting rid of Interstitial Cystitis during the stages of attack in a human body. It reduces the acidity content in your urine and prevents any kind of pain that can happen with the acidic substances. Calcium citrate is widely available in the market in the form of a supplement. Take a diet that is free from acidic foods can help your body to stay out of bladder pain.

Using Calcium Citrate

4. Quit Smoking

Smoking tobacco can make interstitial cystitis turn into a serious condition. It can even contribute to a bladder cancer in the near future. Stop smoking to get rid of the symptoms and the pain that are caused by interstitial cystitis. Quitting the smoking habit is not that easy, but it can be done once you target to quit it.

 Quit Smoking

5. Foods To Avoid

Reducing or eliminating the foods that can increase the bladder irritation will surely help you to stay away from interstitial cystitis. A change in your diet is the best way to get rid of the discomforts that are caused by interstitial cystitis. Avoid foods that have spices and tomatoes on them. Alcohol has the ability to increase the irritation around your bladder. Carbonated beverages can produce the acidic substances that can bring in pain around your bladder. Avoid taking carbonated beverages, citrus products and caffeine in any form. Foods that are rich in terms of Vitamin C can increase the pain. Avoid these foods in your diet to get rid of the symptoms of interstitial cystitis during the early stage itself.

Foods To Avoid