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5 Best Ways To Use Cinnamon For Healthy And Beautiful Hair

We love cinnamon which makes the food and delicious recipes extremely tasty! It is an amazing spice which can spice up your life with its amazing properties! Cinnamon is widely used in skin and beauty care for best results! Cinnamon is filled with some amazing cleansing, hydrating, nourishing and hair enriching properties which makes it important for you to use it! There are some amazing in different ways in which, you can use cinnamon powder with different ingredients to nourish your scalp! It is such a cool and amazing ingredient which can boost hair growth, fight hair loss and enrich your hair quality quickly! If you are still unaware about the ways you can sue cinnamon for your hair, here are some awesome ways to sue cinnamon for your hair care which you must try!

Best Ways To Use Cinnamon For Healthy And Beautiful Hair

1. Coconut Oil And Cinnamon Mask

Coconut oil is one of the most magical ingredients for hair care. If you have issues like dandruff, dry or rough scaly, itchiness and such issues, you can sue cinnamon powder and coconut oil to fight all such issues and make your hair gorgeous! Mix some coconut oil and cinnamon powder and apply this mask on your hair. you can also rub this mask on your scalp with smooth circular motions to cleanse your scalp. This will beautifully exfoliate you scalp and make your hair look flattering! Try this remedy and make your hair look rich!

Coconut Oil And Cinnamon Mask

2. Cinnamon And Egg Mask

If your hair has become e brittle, rough and dry, try this awesome mask to make your hair look thick. Bouncy, voluminous and stunning! This is one of the rich and stunning masks which you can try. Cinnamon powder can cleanse your scalp and can nourish your hair while egg can penetrate your scalp and act as a hydrating agent for your dry scalp! Mix some cinnamon power and egg and apply this conditioning makes on your hair for best results! Use this on regular basis to make your hair look flattering!

Cinnamon Egg Mask

3. Cinnamon Oil Massage

If you love the infused oils, here is a stunning infused oil recipe which can boost hair growth as never before! Cinnamon oil is one of the finest oils which can work miracles on your hair! Infuse some cinnamon oil and fill it in a jar. Use this amazing oil to massage your scalp on regular basis! This oil would penetrate in your scalp, enrich your hair quality, prevent premature graying of hair and will keep your hair smooth, clean and bouncy!

Cinnamon Oil Massage

4. Cinnamon And Olive Mask

Olive oil is finest oil available to keep your scalp hydrated! Olive oil can make your hair look enviably gorgeous and long! If you are dreaming for long, strong and stunning hair, this is an ultimate mask which can get you your dreamy hair! Mix some olive oil and cinnamon powder and apply this awesome mask on your scalp and hair! Cover your hair with a cap and let I work for 20-30 minutes. This mask will make your hair thick, flawless and shiny as never before!

Cinnamon And Olive Mask

5. Cinnamon Powder Conditioner

If you want a stunning homemade cinnamon conditioner, you can make a cool conditioner using cinnamon powder. Mix some cinnamon powder and water and spray this amazing conditioner on your hair! After shampoo, use this amazing condition which is also a leave in conditioner which would nourish your scalp and keep it hydrated! Try this and make your hair enviable with every use!

Cinnamon Powder Conditioner