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5 Breakfast Foods You Should Avoid That Make You Fat

Breakfast Foods You Should Avoid That Make You Fat

Now a day all of us have a very hectic work schedule and we do not have so much of time for doing work out. When we do work outs we looses the extra calories of our body. But if we do not exercise we could get some extra weight and it makes us fat.

So, we have to be very careful about our foods, so that there should be no extra calories that we consume through our foods that make us fat. In our breakfast we take foods after a long fasting. For that reason we are very much tend to eat extra which can put on extra weight.

And the most important thing is that we must not take such foods because it makes us fatter. So, do not take fat rich foods in our breakfast which can add some extra calories to our diet. If we take fat enriched food, they can make us fat. So, please take a look that which common breakfast foods we have to avoid that make us fat.

Butter Toast:

Butter toast is a most common breakfast food item which we consume almost every day. But if we eat it daily it can make us fat. So, avoid this food item in your breakfast. Butter is one of the top fat foods which contains high calorie.

Try to eat plain toast with out applying butter on it. You can use any low calorie spread like fruit jam or jelly. It makes your toast tasty but not contains so much of calories like butter. Thus it does not make you fat.

Butter Toast

Full Fat Milk:

Many of us have a habit to drink a glass of full fat milk or use full fat milk with corn flakes in our breakfast. Try to avoid it as it contains so much of calories which make you fat. Try to use low fat or toned milk in your break fast which contains less calorie.

Full Fat Milk

Cheese Sandwich:

Cheese sandwiches are one of the popular breakfast foods which are at the same time very delicious too. Cheese is one of the most famous fat foods which have lots of calorie in it and regular consumption of this food item can make you fat.

Cheese Sandwich


Try to eat boiled egg in your breakfast instead of omelet. As omelets are fried with oil or butter it contains lots of calorie than boiled egg that can extra weight in your body.



Try to avoid porridge in your breakfast as it contains certain ingredients like full fat milk, sugar etc. which contains lots of calories and can make you fat. Try to consume any alternate food instead of porridge which can keeps you fit.