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5 Dangerous Side Effect Of Sleep Deprivation That You Should Know About

Are you by any chance reading this post by burning the midnight oil, forgoing your sleep? If yes then please hit the sack and catch a few winks. This post is in a way describes the ill effects that can occur when you are sleep deprived and have a habit of sleeping late. The bottom line is your body isn’t a magical machine that works nonstop 24/7. It needs a good 7 to 8 hours of blissful rest so that it continues to work without any complications. Sleep is as much important as breathing and eating. Getting inadequate sleep can lead to a host of problems and can extract a heavy toll on your body. You may not believe this, but your sleep pattern determines how your body performs throughout the day. An average person requires a good 7 to 8 hours of sleep to keep their bodies charged up and yes you can make an occasional deviation to it. Your body is made in a way to handle it. The trouble comes home when this loss of sleep becomes a pattern. It soon adds to other disorders that we might have and multiplies them exponentially. Next time when you come across an instance where you brave the chest and state that I can work nonstop without sleep – Think again!  You are appallingly slowing down your health. Let us look at a few drastic side effects sleep deprivation does to your body.

Dangerous Side Effect Of Sleep Deprivation That You Should Know About:

1. Hampers Brain Functionalities

Your brain starts functioning the moment you wake up and it does not have a cent of rest till you fall asleep. It is true that our brains are designed that way, provided you give it some break in between. Lack of sleep simply hampers the brain functionalities and causes them to over burden itself. This leads a to a host conditions such as poor memory, forgetfulness, and concentration. In long term, these can affect even our thought process and the way we think. Cognitive problems may the norm of the day and we would be frequented by brain drain. It also makes us feel restless and fatigued the next day when we do not get proper sleep. No matter what and how tough you think your body is – Your brain needs its quota sleep every day. Never ignore this basic rule that your body has written.

Brain Functionalities

2. Makes You Obese

Believe it or not, your sleep patterns can directly affect your obesity and weight gain. When you lack sleep or if you are having a disturbed sleep pattern, it makes your body to promote a type of hormone called as ghrelin. The component in your body makes you hungry and does not curb your appetite levels. As a result, you tend to eat more and once your energy metabolism is reduced, you tend to gain weight significantly. Also, your body needs proper rest and a break to concentrate solely on digesting and imparting the nutrients. Sleep deprivation does not help this process to go in a robust way and you may be having an increased chance of gaining weight and obesity. Make a point to get a relaxed 7 to 8 hours sleep every day, no matter what the situation tends to be.


3. Depression

This is undoubtedly one of the severe outcomes of sleep deprivation – Depression. Insomnia or sleep deficiency alters the functionalities of your brain and makes alterations to your neurotransmitter functioning. This leads to a sense of hopelessness and depression. Depression, in the long run, can affect the way in which your body functions and can affect your day to day activities. It makes you restless and a feeling of despair sets in. You may be forced to take pills and anti depressants and these can play havoc in your life if you fall an addict to it. Never ever break your sleep and get a proper sleep at any cost to avoid such circumstances.


4. Weak Immunity

The immune system is your body’s natural defense mechanism and they are the reason why your body is able to outperform a host of ailments. Lack of sleep and distorted sleep patterns can affect your immune system directly. Immune system releases a type of protein known as cytokines and other anti bodies that help in fighting germs and infections while you sleep. Lack of sleep can affect this process and your body gets more prone to viral infections, bacteria, and other inflammations. A poor immune system can also lead to a host of other side effects and many of them if not properly taken care of can be serious. Get the desired levels of sleep without fail daily.

Weak Immunity

5. Heart Ailments

This is one of the biggest risks of sleep deprivation. Improper sleep can increase the chances of cardiovascular diseases and other heart-related ailments. Your arteries and the blood vessels go in for a self-repair during the period you sleep. Improper sleep can affect this pattern and can result in blood pressure spike and other inflammation of the arteries. On the other hand, less sleep also increases the possibilities of stroke and heart attacks at a much earlier stage due to the extra pressure. These factors can be avoided and minimized when you have a proper restful sleep. Never ignore the rule that your body needs enough sleep for rejuvenation.

Heart Ailments