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5 DIY Apple And Honey Facial Packs To Reduce Skin Damage

Is your skin damaged? Does your skin look tired, dull and boring? All you need to do it pamper your skin with a few homemade packs prepared at home. No, you do not have to spend a lot of money in your beauty salon for your skin rejuvenation, instead with the use of only two magical main ingredients you can bring a huge change in how your skin looks. Homemade facial packs prepared with apple and honey are quite effective in reducing skin damage due to a number of problems which includes pollution, diet or even an unhealthy lifestyle. No matter how busy you are, you will always find time to prepare these easy skin friendly packs for repairing your damaged skin.

Here Are 5 Diy Apple And Honey Facial Packs To Reduce Skin Damage:

1. Honey And Steamed Apple Pack:

Steamed apple is soft, mushy and good for skin health. It is easily absorbed by the skin when mixed with honey. The goodness of honey and apple help in repairing many skin problems which include dryness, chapped skin problems, dullness and lack of freshness. To prepare the pack, you need to slice a few slices of apple and steam it. Cool it and add two tablespoons of honey. Add one tablespoon of gram flour to this mixture and mix well. You will have a smooth and soft consistency. Add the apple juice which you have leftover in the steaming pan. Apply on your face and let it remain for thirty minutes. Allow it to dry and rinse your face using warm water. Regular application will help you in reducing all types of skin damage.

Honey And Steamed Apple Pack

2. Apple, Pomegranate Juice, And Honey Pack:

You might be having any type of skin, this pack is going to help you. It helps in cleansing the skin internally and helps in reducing marks, blemishes, and spots from the skin. Pomegranate juice is known for its antioxidants, its amazing anti-aging properties, and anti-microbial properties. To prepare this pack, you will need five tablespoons of grated apple. Add one tablespoon of pomegranate juice and one tablespoon of honey in the apple slices. Mix all the ingredients and apply the pack on your face. The pack will have a coarse texture due to apples. You can massage gently for five minutes which will help in getting the pack absorbed into the skin. You can remove the pack with normal water later on.

Apple, Pomegranate Juice, And Honey Pack

3. Apple Juice And Honey Pack:

This is an easy pack which is quite helpful for those who suffer from dryness, chapped skin or exhausted and dull skin problems. If your skin looks dehydrated in spite of all your efforts, you need to try this pack, as it will help in getting your refreshed and rejuvenated look with a few applications. You need four tablespoons of apple juice and one tablespoon of honey. If the mixture is too sticky for you and you are uncomfortable you can add some rose water. Rose water will help in reducing skin damage due to any reason. Apply the pack and leave it to dry. You can later rinse your face using warm water. Apply daily and you will notice the difference in your skin.

Apple Juice And Honey Pack

4. Apple, Honey, Egg Pack:

If the skin is dehydrated and not properly nourished, fine lines and wrinkles tend to appear. This might not always be the sign of aging but an indication of damaged skin. You need to take care of your skin right away before it is too late. You will need three tablespoons of pureed apple and one tablespoon of warm milk. You will also need one egg. Blend all the ingredients into a smooth puree. Let the pack remain on your face for at least thirty minutes. You can later rinse off your face using warm water. Apply the pack thrice a week, if you feel your skin is too much damaged.

Apple, Honey, Egg Pack

5. Apple Juice, Banana, Honey And Turmeric Pack:

This pack is beneficial in several ways. It will not just repair your damaged skin, it is helpful in lightening and brightening your skin, it helps in making your skin soft, tightens sagging skin, moisturizes it from within, keeps the skin hydrates and helps in getting a natural glow. You need three tablespoons of mashed banana pulp, two tablespoons of apple juice, two tablespoons of honey and one pinch of turmeric. Mix all the ingredients so that you have a smooth paste. You can add some milk if the pack is too thick. Apply this on your face and leave it for thirty minutes. You can later rinse using normal water. Your damaged skin will soon start showing signs of recovery within a few applications.

Apple Juice, Banana, Honey And Turmeric Pack