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5 DIY Carrot and Banana Hair Masks

Carrots and bananas are rich in a number of nutrients which is not just good for the skin, but works extremely well for hair. Combining just the two ingredients, you can prepare some of the best hair masks for a number of hair problems. Here are some of the best hair masks, which you can prepare at home with carrots and banana as the main ingredient.

How To Prepare Banana And Carrot Masks

1. Dry Hair Mask

Carrots are rich in vitamin C which nourishes hair, adds moisture and strengthens hair roots. Banana is known for its moisturizing ability along with its ability to add a natural shine and bounce. In a bowl, mix one ripe banana with finely grated fresh carrot. You can use carrot juice too. Add some honey and mix well to form a thick mixture. Apply this mask on your hair and allow it to remain for thirty minutes before you rinse it off. You will love the softness and natural shine.

Dry Hair Mask

2. Dull Hair Mask

Dull, life-less or limp hair is the problem of many youngsters and the result of environmental conditions or poor diet. Your homemade carrot and banana mask, can help in treating dry and lifeless hair effectively. To prepare this mask, you need to chop carrots into small sizes and boil them well till you get a soft pulp. Once the pulp cools down, add mashed banana and mix well. Add three tablespoons of creamy yogurt and one tablespoon of honey. Honey adds additional shine while yogurt nourishes the hair. Carrots strengthen hair roots naturally.

Dull Hair Mask

3. Frizzy Hair Mask

Frizzy hair is often unmanageable and quite difficult to style. To manage and take care of frizzy hair, prepare a mask using avocados, bananas and carrots. The three main ingredients combine their natural sugars, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids to nourish and strengthen hair. For this mask, in a bow you need mashed bananas, one teaspoon olive oil, one mashed avocado and boiled, softened carrots. Mix all ingredients well and massage well into the scalp. Let this mask remain for at least 30 minutes so that the hair is soaked well and gets treated. Wash in cold water. Frizzy hair turns soft and manageable.

Frizzy Hair Mask

4. Anti-Hair Fall Mask

Environmental toxins and styling products can steal moisture and cause immense damage to hair, which leads to hair fall eventually. If hair fall is not treated on time, it can lead to serious consequences. Carrots and bananas with their richness of vitamin C, potassium and other minerals help in reducing hair fall and help in hair growth. To prepare this mask, you need to mix carrot juice, egg whites, plain yogurt and mayonnaise. Add mashed bananas when the ingredients are well incorporated. After thirty minutes, rinse your hair with cold water. This nutritious hair mask will strengthen your hair roots, add to its natural shine and promote hair growth.

Anti-Hair Fall Mask

5. Moisturizing Mask

To prepare this mask, you need to soften one tablespoon carrot or extract its juice, add one smashed banana, add three tablespoons of orange juice and one egg. Mix well and apply this mask well, covering every strand of hair. You need to apply this mask in circular motion. Rinse using warm water after thirty minutes of application. Your hair gets moisturized and softens, especially in case dull, damaged and dry hair. Regular application will keep your hair smooth and moisturized. It will be easy to style and strengthen the hair.

Moisturizing Mask