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5 DIY Homemade Banana Facial Packs For A Soft Healthy Glow

Bananas can do wonders to your skin. This healthy fruit when mixed with other equally nutritious products help in achieving a soft and glowing skin. Bananas are rich in minerals and vitamins which help to nourish the skin, helps in keeping it moisturized and hydrated and helps in reducing the risks of rashes and inflammation. These packs can be easily prepared at home and applied every day for best results. These are cost effective and beneficial too.

Here Are 5 DIY Homemade Banana Facial Packs For A Soft Healthy Glow

1. Banana And Honey Pack

Honey helps in moisturizing the skin, reduces inflammation and rashes and gives a natural glow and freshness to the skin. Bananas nourish the skin internally and offer softness and hydration. To prepare this pack you need to mash one whole banana. Once you have a smooth paste without lumps, you can add a teaspoon of honey. Use a brush to evenly spread the pack on your skin. Let the pack remain for twenty minutes and then wash off using cold water.

 Banana And Honey

2. Banana And Butter Pack

This is the perfect pack for the dry, rough and dehydrated skin. This is healthy pack which will soften your skin, hydrate it and give it a natural glow and shine. You need one whole banana and mash it well till there are no lumps in it. To this, add one tablespoon butter. Use a spoon and mix it well till you have a smooth mixture. Apply this all over your face and neck. Massage in a circular movement for at least ten minutes. Leave the pack for thirty minutes and then wash off. You will love your soft healthy skin.


3. Banana Yogurt Pack

This combination makes a refreshing pack which is packed with many potent nutrients. This pack helps in reducing dryness, reduces the appearance of pimples and fine lines and gives the skin a younger looking radiance. To prepare, you will need two ripe bananas and mash them well. There should not be any lumps. To this add one tablespoon fresh yogurt and mix well. Apply this miracle pack on your face gently. Massage for a minute and let it dry for at least twenty minutes. You can then wash off your face using cold water. Use this pack twice a week for radiance and freshness.

Banana Yogurt

4. Banana Orange Juice Pack

Orange juice mixed with bananas help in revitalizing the skin, helps in keeping the skin soft by moisturizing it and helps in reducing fine lines and marks. Oranges are rich in Vitamin C which works as a tonic for the skin. For this pack, you will need one tablespoon fresh orange juice and one banana mashed well. Mix both the ingredients to remove lumps. Apply this directly on your face and allow it to dry. Rinse with cold water. You can apply this pack three times a week for best results. You will love the natural glow and softness which comes with some regular applications.


5. Banana Sandalwood Pack

This is an excellent pack which helps in removing marks, blemishes and even sun tan. To prepare this pack, you will need one whole ripe banana and one teaspoon of sandalwood powder or paste. You can also add a teaspoon of honey for added benefits. Mix all ingredients well and apply it on your face and skin. Massage lightly for a few minutes. You can rinse your face after fifteen minutes. Your skin will have a natural glow and freshness.

Banana Sandalwood Pack