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5 Diy Homemade Packs To Keep Your Hand And Feet Smooth In This Winter

Homemade Packs To Keep Your Hand And Feet Smooth In This Winter

Our foot and hand are two most neglected parts of our body. Most of the time we forget that the long list of works that we generally do all through the day, is mostly done by these two limbs. Domestic works need most use of our hands and our feet carry the whole weight of our body all through the day except when we relax or lay on the bed. As they are neglected maximum time, they remain in horrible condition most of the time, and the condition worsened in dry and cold winter. Moreover, they are exposed to direct sunlight. The UV rays of sun are harmful for the skin and it makes our skin tanned, rough and black. Lack of care and nutrition to the skin of our hands and feet make them cracked, black and look haggard. For this reason, a daily care of hand and feet is needed. This article will give five recipes of  homemade packs that you can use daily to keep your hands and feet beautiful.

Perform The Following Tips And Keep Hands And Feet Beautiful.

1.Rice Powder, Curd and Coconut Oil:

Take ½ cup rice powder. Pour a cup of unsweetened curd upon them. Mix well. Add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in them. Mix well. Apply this pack on your hand and feet and rub them gently. Rice powder works as exfoliate and removes dead skins and dirt from the outer layer of the skin. Curd is a natural bleach which serves to remove not only suntan but vegetable die and other stain from your finger and feet. It also hydrates your skin. Coconut oil hydrates and moisturizes your skin. Apply this pack regularly just 10-15 minutes before the bath and get a beautiful hand and feet within a few days.

Rice Powder, Curd and Coconut Oil

2.Wheat Flour, Turmeric Powder and Mustard Oil:

Take 3-4 tablespoons wheat flour. Add 1 tablespoon turmeric powder and 2 tablespoons mustard oil in it. Add some water and mix it to smooth paste. Apply this paste on your hand and feet and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Then rub gently on your skin and wash them with lukewarm water. Turmeric makes your skin fair removing tan. Mustard oil moisturizes your skin and improves the skin’s brightness. Wheat flour helps to scrub out dead cell, dirt and grease. Everyday use of this pack helps to keep your hand soft and smooth all through the year.

Wheat Flour, Turmeric Powder and Mustard Oil

3.Carrot and Milk Powder:

Take 1 or 2 carrots. Grind them to paste. Mix carrot and milk powder in a 2:1 ratio. Mix well and apply that on your skin. Leave it to get dry. Carrot is an excellent source of vitamin A and antioxidant which helps to enhance the brightness of the skin and repair the skin’s damages done by the outer element. Milk powder moisturizes your skin. Regular application is needed on hands and feet to keep it beautiful.

Carrot and Milk Powder

4.Bread and Milk:

Soak some leftover handmade bread in raw milk. Mash them and massage that on your hand and feet. It will serve to remove dirt and grease without removing the natural oil of the skin. You can use it daily to keep your hand and feet soft and shiny.

Bread and Milk

5.Tomato and Olive Oil:

Take 1 or 2 tomatoes. Add them in a grinder. Pour 2 tablespoons olive oil in it. Grind and blend to paste. Massage that olive oil mixed tomato paste daily on your hand and feet twice daily. Leave it for 10 minutes and then wash with normal water. Tomato removes tan and antioxidant property of tomato serves to keep your hand and feet look young repairing the damage of the skin. Olive oil moisturizes the skin and improves the texture of the skin supplying adequate vitamin E to the skin.

Tomato and Olive Oil