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5 DIY Homemade Yogurt Packs To Get Soft And Glowing Skin

We all look forward to a healthy, soft and glowing skin. You need not always have to visit your beauty salon and spend money to look beautiful. You can use several wonderful ingredients from your kitchen along with the magical yogurt to prepare some useful packs. These help in achieving clean and clear healthy skin, using basic ingredients from the kitchen. These healthy natural packs are easy to prepare, effective and completely affordable.

Here Are 5 DIY Homemade Yogurt Packs To Get Soft And Glowing Skin

1. Honey Oats And Yogurt Pack

This pack is suitable for all skin. It helps in exfoliating dead sin cells and also keeps the skin moisturized. This is the perfect pack for clear and spotless skin. You need one tablespoon of yogurt, one teaspoon of oats and one teaspoon of honey. Mix both the ingredients well and apply this mixture on your clean face. Let the pack dry and then rinse off with close water. Honey keeps your skin moisturized, oats removes dead skin and yogurt softens the skin.

Honey Oats And Yogurt

2. Strawberry And Yogurt Pack

This yummy pack helps to brighten your skin naturally while adding to your freshness and glow. You need two ripe strawberries and mash it well. You also need one tablespoon of yogurt and one teaspoon of honey. Mix it well till there are no lumps in the mixture. Apply this pack on your face and let it rest for at least twenty minutes. Yogurt and strawberries work together as a food for the skin. Regular application of the pack will nourish your skin internally.

Strawberry And Yogurt

3. Yogurt And Tomato Pack

This is an effective de-tanning pack. It helps in reducing tan marks along with other uneven patches on the skin. You need to slice a few tomatoes and sprinkle some sugar granules on these slices. You need to then top the slices with yogurt. Now, rub this small pack on your face and neck gently in circular motion. Sugar will exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells. Tomatoes will reduce marks while yogurt will bring a natural glow.

Yogurt And Tomato

4. Yogurt And Mint Pack

You need to wash some mint leaves well and drain them well. Add two tablespoon yogurt and blend mint leaves and yogurt together. You need to prepare a fine paste. You will get a light green paste. The consistency of the paste should not be too thin. Apply this on your skin and massage gently in a circular motion. Let it remain for ten minutes and then wash off. Apply this pack every day to get a natural glow and softness.

Yogurt And Mint

5. Orange And Yogurt Pack

This is a revitalizing, cleansing, moisturizing and smoothening pack, suitable for all skin types. You will need one tablespoon of yogurt and one teaspoon of orange juice. Mix well and apply this pack on your clean face. Massage in circular motion for at least ten minutes so that the pack is well absorbed into your skin. You can then rinse off using lukewarm water. Those who suffer from tanned skin or marks can add one teaspoon of honey for best benefits.

 Orange And Yogurt

6. Yogurt And Turmeric Pack

Turmeric is richly loaded with a number of beneficial properties. It helps in reducing skin rashes and inflammation. It also helps in lightening the skin and removes sun tan effectively. To prepare this pack, you need to add teaspoon of turmeric in three tablespoons of yogurt. Mix both the ingredients well and apply all over your face and neck. Let it dry and then rinse off using cold water. Regular application of the pack will keep your skin soft.

 Yogurt And Turmeric Pack