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5 DIY Methods To Deal With Rough & Dry Skin

Many of us feel of our skin as perfect but only when you run your fingers down your skin, you will come to know of the roughness of your skin. Rough & dry skin is not always the smoothness of the skin, it also means the inner health of the body. One common indication of such skin is the insufficiency of water in our body. The other reasons can be used to harsh topical applications & use of the product not meant for your type of skin. Now that your skin has become rough, it does not mean that you can’t do anything but sit back & give up all hopes. It is the time when you must try out some of the DIY methods given below & revive your skin. Down here are mentioned 5 DIY measures to deal with rough & dry skin. Follow & put life back in your skin.

5 Diy Methods To Deal With Rough & Dry Skin

1. Olive Oil

Many of you might be finding olive oil beneficial for hair problem but there is more in that. It is all packed up with antioxidants & fatty acids that has the power to soothe & conditions the dry skin. Its methods of application is very simple. Just apply a thin layer of olive oil on your skin followed by some good moisturizer. This much is enough to restore healthy skin. You can also devise your own olive oil methods of application.

Olive Oil on face

2. Milk

Besides drinking, there are several other purposes you can use milk for. Its anti-inflammatory & soothing properties puts your rough, dry & itchy skin on rest. Moreover, the lactic acid content of milk provides exfoliation & increases the cell’s ability to retain moisture. Simply soak a clean & dry cloth in milk & keep on your skin for 5 minutes. Instead of rinsing your skin directly with water, wipe with some cloth that is soaked in lukewarm water. Follow up with a good moisturizer cream to nourish the skin even after the remedy.

Use Milk

3. Honey

Honey, one of nature’s best moisture has a lot to give your skin to. When applied on your skin, it locks the moisture into the skin & enriches it with vitamins, & minerals thus improving its overall condition. You may rub natural honey all over your body every time 10 minutes before taking a shower. Alternatively, you may also use it with olive oil to nourish your skin & leave for 10 minutes followed by washing with lukewarm water without using soap.

Honey face

4. Yoghurt

This excellent hydrating agent, is an amazing antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory agent. It soothes the dry & itchy skin & fills it with all needed moisture. Make sure if you start using it, use it once every day. Gently massage fresh yoghurt all over your skin. Give it 10 minutes to perform its exfoliation & find a solution for the dry skin. Finally wash off with a damp cloth or lukewarm water. Do apply moisture afterwards.

Yoghurt face

5. Coconut Oil

You must never miss it at any cost. It comes with the benefits that are missing in any other products. It has large amount of fatty acid locked in it that make up for any moisture lost from the skin. In order to apply, warm some coconut oil & apply all over your body or the concerned part. Do wash off in the morning by taking a shower. Perform this once daily to ensure skin full of moisture & no signs of dryness.

Coconut Oil