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5 DIY Oil Based Hair Packs For Dry Damaged Hair

Damaged, rough and frizzy hair is often unmanageable and needs plenty of care to get back to its normalcy. Hair often gets rough and dry due to lack of nourishment or moisture. Oil based hair packs are good for managing rough and damaged hair. These packs nourish hair roots, add natural shine and softness and help in improving hair conditions in a short time. If you are suffering from dry and damaged hair lately, you can try out any of these oil based hair packs. They will make a difference.

Here Are 5 DIY Oil Based Hair Packs For Dry Damaged Hair:

1. Banana And Olive Oil Pack

Banana is known for its moisturizing ability and nourishing hair roots from within. It adds a natural shine and softness to hair. You need a ripe banana completely mashed so that there are no lumps remaining or else these will be very tough to remove when you are rinsing your hair. To this mashed banana, add one tablespoon olive oil and mix well. Apply this mixture all over your hair and let it remain for thirty minutes at least. Olive oil will help in reducing excessive dryness and soften damaged hair.

Banana and Olive Oil Pack

2. Yogurt And Coconut Oil

Yogurt is known to repair dry and damaged hair. Yogurt is a natural hair moisturizer and adds bounce and natural shine to hair. You will need four tablespoons of yogurt or more as per your hairlength and one tablespoon of coconut oil. Whisk well and apply this on your hair. Massage all strands gently so that all hair is well coated. Rinse your hair and dry. If you use this pack, twice in a week, you will have soft, and healthy hair in a short time.

Yogurt and Coconut Oil

3. Egg Yolk Coconut Oil Pack

Egg yolk helps in nourishing dry and damaged hair. Coconut oil is the best root nourisher. It helps in strengthening hair roots and reduces excessive dryness. It reduces frizzy hair texture and adds softness. You need to separate the yolk from the eggs and whip them well. In this mixture, add a tablespoon of coconut oil. Mix well and apply this all over your hair. Let this remain for thirty minutes and wash it using a mild shampoo. Regular application of this pack will help in reducing hair damage.

Egg Yolk Coconut Oil Pack

4. Fenugreek Olive Oil Pack

Fenugreek is a natural hair nourisher. It softens the hair and cleanses the scalp naturally which prevents premature hair-fall. Olive oil is a nutrition for hair which helps in its growth and gives it a natural shine. To prepare the pack, you need to soak two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds overnight. Next morning prepare the paste and add one teaspoon olive oil. ( Measurements are approximate and depend on the length of your hair) Massage this gently on your scalp. Leave this pack for ten minutes and rinse your hair.

Fenugreek Olive Oil Pack

5. Vitamin Oil And Eggs Pack

To prepare this enriching oil pack, you need to beat one egg yolk along with two tablespoons of vitamin E oil and one tablespoon of coconut or olive oil of your choice. You can add a few drops of essential oil too if you are not happy with the smell of egg yolk. Essential oil will add a lovely refreshing aroma to the pack. Mix all the ingredients well and apply this pack on your hair. Massage your hair slowly and then wash off. This pack will help in repairing excessive hair dryness and soften rough and unmanageable hair.

Vitamin Oil and Eggs Pack