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5 DIY Packs For Rough Dry Skin In Winter

Winter can be quite harsh to the skin just as it is for the hair. Cold winds bring about roughness, dryness and chapped skin. The skin looks dull and lifeless. It is important to keep the skin moisturized and hydrated throughout the winter months so that the skin does not lose its natural moisture. You can also prepare some natural homemade packs which help to make skin soft and supple  during the season.

Here Are 5 DIY Packs For Rough Dry Skin In Winter:

1. Banana Olive Oil Pack

Bananas are rich in antioxidants, moisture, and phytochemicals. It works as a great skin nourisher during winter. It treats rough, dry and dull skin during the winter. To prepare the pack, you need to blend two whole bananas until you have a smooth paste. Add two teaspoons of olive oil and blend again till you have a smooth mixture. Mix well and apply this all over in circular motion. Massage for ten minutes and let it dry. You can then wash off with lukewarm water. Olive helps in moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin. It is just perfect as a natural winter moisturizer.

Banana  Olive Oil Pack

2. Avocado Honey Pack

Avocado is rich in plenty of oils while honey acts as a natural moisturizer of the skin. This mask is just perfect for dry and rough winter skin when additional nourishment is necessary. You need one ripe and soft avocado. Mash it well to get a creamy pulp in a bowl. Add one-fourth spoon honey in this to make a smooth paste. Apply this pack all over your skin. Let it remain for twenty minutes and wash off using cold water.

Avocado Honey Pack

3. Yogurt And Milk Cream Pack

Yogurt helps in hydrating the skin naturally, makes it supple and smooth while keeping it moisturized naturally. Milk cream helps in reducing excessive dryness and takes care of cracked skin. In a bowl, you need three tablespoons of milk cream and four tablespoons of thick creamy yogurt. Mix well and apply this mixture all over your skin. Massage for twenty minutes and then wash off gently. Regular application will not cause skin dryness and keeps your skin fresh and rejuvenated.

Yogurt and Milk Cream Pack

4. Cucumber And Aloe Vera Pack

Aloe vera gel helps in improving skin moisture level, keeps the skin hydrated and nourishes it from within when the temperature outside is harsh to the skin. Cucumber has 95% water which means it can maintain skin moisture effectively. It makes the skin supple and smooth even in dry winter. You will need one tablespoon aloe vera gel and two tablespoons cucumber pulp. Mix both the ingredients well and apply it all over your skin. You can apply this pack at least four times in a week if you suffer from excessive rough and dry skin.

Cucumber and Aloe Vera Pack

5. Yogurt, Orange Juice, And Milk Pack

Yogurt is known for its moisturizing and hydrating properties while orange juice offers much needed inner nutrition to the skin. Milk is about softness and keeps the skin healthy and reduces excessive dryness. To prepare this pack, you need four tablespoons of full cream yogurt, one teaspoon of orange juice and one spoon of milk. Mix well. This is a rich pack which will help the skin in retaining moisture, will soften dry and rough skin and reduce the excessive dryness. Apply this pack and allow it to remain for ten minutes before you wash it off using fresh water. You will love your fresh and soft skin.

Yogurt, Orange Juice, and Milk Pack