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5 DIY Ways To Add Coconut Oil In Your Diet

Coconut oil is known as one of the healthiest forms of oil for cooking and even application. The best part is that it is high on healthy fats but doesn’t cause any other kind of health problems. It boosts your immunity and is high on Lauric Acid, which is known to fight various kinds of infections.

So Here Are Some Simple And Easy Ways To Add Coconut Oil In Your Everyday Diet:

1. One Spoon On Empty Stomach

An easy and simple way to consume coconut oil in your daily diet would be to have one spoon of extra virgin coconut oil every morning in your diet. The reason that you should consume coconut on empty stomach is that the natural acids in it get to work faster aiding in weight loss and detoxifying the body while helping in weight loss.

One Spoon On Empty Stomach

2. Fry Using Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is much lighter in texture and flavour as compared to other forms of cooking oil available these days. It is not only tolerant at very high temperatures but you are also able to reuse the oil at least one more time -as compared to the restricted use of other vegetable oils. You can deep fry banana chips, potato chips, etc. here, which also means lower calories.

Fry Using Coconut Oil

3. Use it In Salads And Raw Foods

You can easily use coconut oil in different kinds of salads and other similar raw foods considering that it has a very mild taste. Just use it with any dressing of your choice and enjoy the health dose.

Use it In Salads And Raw Foods

4. As A Binder

You can use coconut oil with different forms of flours to bind together a dough that is soft on texture, without adding much to the taste. Being very neutral in taste the coconut oil will make your breads much softer without adding too many calories.

As A Binder

5. In Smoothies And Shakes

If you don’t like the taste of coconut oil on its own but want to incorporate the same into your diet, then you should try adding one spoon of the same into your smoothie, shake or even milk. Being neutral in PH, it mixes well with all of these ingredients and offers many benefits.

In Smoothies And Shakes