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5 DIY Ways To Remove Whiteheads From The Nose

It is extremely annoying to think of a small white pimple or a mark playing with the beauty of the face and compelling you to cover yourself in a veil. Whitehead also known as comedones can appear anywhere in the body but are commonly seen on nose and chin. It looks like a tiny and mild form of acnes but when spring out on the face are enough to play with the appearance. The main cause for the appearance of whiteheads is the piling up of dead skin, bacteria and oil in the pores. Now you can determine the amount of dirt and bacteria in the pores on the basis of the numbers of whiteheads. However, not everyone suffers from whitehead, it is more frequent on oily faces therefore take good care if you have oily face or read or to know about the 5 DIY ways to deal with whiteheads.

Here Are 5 DIY Ways To Remove Whiteheads From The Nose

1. Thorough Washing Of Face With Clean Hands

Do you think that the hands that touch a number of things in the entire day are clean enough to touch the face and not cause some drastic consequence? We all know this but still we don’t mind touching face with such unclean hands. Well, if you are suffering from whiteheads then you probably need to be extra careful with hands and face as well. Make sure that you touch your face with clean hands. Also, whenever you wash your face, just make sure that you wash off thoroughly. Use a mild face wash and throw 9-10 times the splash of water every time. Afterwards, wipe with a clean towel.

Washing Of Face

2. Use Water Based Products

As told earlier that whiteheads are more frequent on oily skin therefore make sure that you completely shun away from oil based products. On the other hand, look for products that are water based as they hydrates and moisturize the face and also give no place for bacteria for flourish. Whereas oil based product foster the presence of whiteheads and multiplies in no time.

Use Water Based Products

3. Steaming

Steaming opens up the pores and kills the underlying bacteria. There lies no problem in taking steam daily. To take the steam, dip a clean towel in warm water and squeeze to dry the towel. Keep on your face for the next 2 minutes and repeat 2-3 times again. The face will get warmed up but it is important to open the pores and remove dead skin layer and bacteria as well.


4. Clean Your System

It is not always the topically used products that possess the potential to do away with the disorders. Sometimes disorders such as whiteheads, pimples and warts are caused by an unclean system as well. Therefore, keep in mind that your inner health matters the same as inner health. Otherwise, a system full of toxins will reveal the results on the exposed part such as face and body. To detoxify the system, eat lots of fruits including vitamin A and E products, and perform exercise daily. To eliminate the toxins, you may also eat 1-2 cloves of garlic daily on an empty stomach. It is extremely beneficial to eliminate toxins and keep the body and face in good shape.

Clean Your System

5. Exfoliating And Scrubbing

Exfoliating and scrubbing are must to wipe the existence of whiteheads. You might have noticed people regular to scrubbing having less of facial problem. The treason being continuous exfoliating removes the dead skin layer, removes bacteria and also opens the clogged pores. Use a homemade scrubbing recipe. You can use sugar, honey and lemon for this purpose. Scrub twice every week and see the results soon.

Exfoliating And Scrubbing