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5 DIY Ways To Use Green Tea For Flawless Skin

Taking care of skin during summer is very complicated as the skin tends to dry due to dehydration. Hot weather and dry wind dehydrates your body very quickly. Keeping your body hydrated is required to handle this problem. You are required to drink adequate amount of water in order to keep the problems away during summer. Adding green tea to your drinking routine regularly helps to overcome this problem to a great extent. Not only green tea keeps you hydrated, it is also highly effective in keeping bacteria and viruses at bay. Green tea is very beneficial in assuring you glowing skin. You can either consume it orally or you can make use of green tea as a toner or mask etc to gain its skin advantages. Many people usually avoid consuming green tea because of its smell and sour taste.

Here Are The Best Tips To Make Use Of Green Tea As A Mask And Toner For Getting Glowing Skin

1. For Handling Acne

Green tea is very effective in keeping acne at bay. For this purpose, take a cup of hot water and put one green tea bag into the bowl. Allow the water to cool down at normal temperature. Now, remove the green tea bags from the water and put them aside. Now, start applying the tea which is brewed on the affected areas of the skin. Leave it for fifteen minutes. Later, rinse off using plain water. Pat it dry with clean towel and apply moisturizer. Regular implementation of this process helps in preventing and handling acne problems.

For Handling Acne

2. For Exfoliating Your Skin

Take a cup of hot water. Put 2 green tea sachets into the water. Let the water to cool down for some time. Now add three tablespoons of sugar into the solution. Homemade scrub is ready. Apply it on the face and scrub in a circular motion. Anti-ageing compounds present in green tea are highly beneficial for your skin. This scrubber helps in exfoliating your skin and giving you the dirt-free and glowing skin.

For Exfoliating Your Skin

3. For Reducing Pore Size

Another effective way of using green tea is to reduce the size of pores on your skin. Large size of pores usually associated with ageing skin. So, to make your skin more youthful, you need to concentrate on reducing the size of pores. This remedy is for you. Take a cup of hot water. Put two green tea sachets in to the water. Allow the green tea to brew completely. Now remove the bag and allow the water to cool down. Now add two or three drops of lavender oil and tea tree oil. Take ice-trays and pour this mixture to make cubes. Massage with ice cubes on your skin in a circular motion.

For Reducing Pore Size

4. For Glowing Skin

Here is an effective way to get glowing skin with green tea. Take out the leaves out of the green tea bag and mix it with two tablespoons of gram flour and turmeric. Now, mix rose water and stir well all the ingredients to form a thick consistency. Apply this solution for at least fifteen minutes and wash off with warm water. This remedy is highly effective in reducing dark spots and pigmentation if used regularly.

For Glowing Skin

5. For Reducing Under Eye Circles

Green tea comes to your rescue in handling under eye dark circles problem. The remedy is very simple. Refrigerate two green tea bags for thirty minutes. Take out them and place the tea bags on your eyes after closing your eyelids. Leave it for at least fifteen minutes. Apply this twice a day for getting rid of dark circles under the eyes.

For Reducing Under Eye Circles