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5 Easy And Simple Ways To Deal With Anemia


Do you feel tired and weary all the time? Do you feel as if you do not have the energy to lift even a finger? Do you have bouts of giddiness? If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms and have no disease or illness then it is quite possible that you are suffering from anemia. Anemia is quite prevalent in many people especially in women who have a marked deficiency of iron. A simple blood test will reveal to you that your hemoglobin count is less than the normal range and thus you are suffering from anemia. However, timely measures and perfect alertness towards your diet can easily help you overcome this condition.

Here Are 5 Easy And Simple Ways To Deal With Anemia:

Increase Your Hemoglobin Count With A Glass Of  Beetroot Juice

Hemoglobin is a type of protein which is present in the blood cells. The red blood cells contain iron as well as hemoglobin and their main function is to carry oxygen to all the tissues of the body. If the number of red blood cells decreases in the blood then the tissues do not receive adequate amounts of oxygen which leads to anemia. Beetroot juice is classified as a super food because of its multitudinous health benefits. The deep red color of the beetroot is due to a color pigment known as betalain which has enormous anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and antimicrobial properties. Besides this, beetroots are also high in iron, folic acid, potassium, magnesium, calcium, copper and vitamin A. The flavonoids found in beetroot have rejuvenating properties which help in the generation and creation of new cells and red blood cells. They also prevent the premature destruction of the red blood cells and hence help to keep their numbers from decreasing. You can extract the juice of raw beetroots in a juicer and drink a glass of this refreshing juice every day. You can also eat raw beetroot with salads daily.

Beetroot Juice

Drink Almond Milk Every Day

Anemia is chiefly caused by inadequate nutrition and lack of essential vitamins and minerals in the body. The bone marrow manufactures the red blood cells and replaces the dead ones with the new ones. Sometimes the red blood cells get destroyed quicker than their normal life span and the bone marrow is unable to produce enough red blood cells in order to fill the gap. As a result, the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood is distinctly reduced causing paleness, headaches, dizziness and fatigue. Almonds have been considered to be the healthiest of all foods since ancient times. They have a wealth of powerful nutrients which enhance all the functions of the body and keep it in optimum health. They not only increase your mental faculties but also keep the heart, liver, bones and nerves in the finest health. Soak ten to fifteen almonds overnight. Soaking helps to activate their enzymes as well as in the digestion of their nutrients. In the morning, remove the brown skin and grind the almonds to a fine paste. Mix the paste into a glass of warm milk and drink it every morning on a regular basis.

Almond Milk

Drink A Glass Of Banana Flip Every Morning

Having less than the average quantity of hemoglobin or less than the customary number of red blood cells can greatly interfere with one’s mental as well as physical performance. The bones and muscles become weak and start underperforming. Your ability to stay focused also decreases as weakness takes hold of your body. Bananas being a storehouse of vital vitamins and minerals bring instant energy to the body. They also store large amounts of iron which greatly help in the generation of new red blood cells and boost the hemoglobin count. Take two ripe bananas and cut them into small pieces. Put the pieces into a blender and add a glass of milk and one crushed cardamom to it. Blend the mixture well and drink this energy giving drink twice daily to drive away lethargy and lassitude. Very soon, the tone of your skin will improve and you will find that the tasks which were formerly insurmountable have suddenly become easy and simple.

Banana Flip

Make Spinach A Crucial Part Of Your Diet

Anemia can also cause such distressing symptoms as shortness of breath, irritability, coldness in your hands and feet, irregular heartbeat and chest pain. People, who lay a stress on processed meats, greatly lack in crucial minerals and fiber which is extremely important for the proper functioning of the body. Spinach, a very common green leafy vegetable can provide you with ample iron and other crucial minerals and vitamins. Iron enhances the production of hemoglobin and enables it to render its function of carrying oxygen to the tissues without any hassle. Spinach is also tremendously rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are required by the body to a great extent. These fatty acids strengthen the bones, optimize the function of the bone marrow and act as powerful antioxidants. You can consume raw tender leaves of organic spinach with salads or you can chop spinach and onions together and sauté in a little olive oil for a few minutes. Add salt and pepper and one chopped clove of garlic. Eat two servings of this nutritive and healthy dish daily.


Black Sesame Seeds

If the tissues in the body do not receive sufficient oxygen from the blood then the heart has to pump faster to compensate for the poor oxygen supply. An overworked heart can cause a lot of problems so it is better to address the problem immediately. Black sesame seeds are loaded with a lot of health giving nutrients. They are exceptionally rich in iron which is crucial for escalating the red blood cells count and for getting rid of anemia. Soak one tablespoon of black sesame seeds in a little water for about two hours. Strain the seeds and grind them to a fine paste. Add one teaspoon of honey to the paste and eat it once daily. You can also stir the paste into a cup of milk and drink it every morning. Sesame seeds will also provide a lot of energy and antioxidants to your body.

Black Sesame Seeds