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5 Easy DIY Feet Care Solutions At Home

One of the most neglected parts of our body is our feet. Most of us do not think about feet care until it is too late. You do not have to necessarily visit your beauty salon every time you need to take care of your foot. With some easily available ingredients, you can pamper your feet at home easily. All that is needed is ten minutes of care and you will love your soft feet. Try any of these homemade DIY routines and soften your feet and keep it healthy and clean always.

Here Are 5 Easy DIY Feet Care Solutions At Home

1. Banana Pack

Bananas are rich in vitamin A which is known to remove dryness caused due to sunlight exposure. Bananas also help in reducing skin damage due and reduce scaly feet problems. To prepare this pack, you need to mash a ripe banana and one teaspoon honey to this. You need to further add a teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients well. You can then apply this pack all over your feet and let it remain for at least thirty minutes. You can then wash your feet and wear socks for some time. You will be able to reduce cracked heels problem and soften your heels.

Banana Pack

2. Brown Sugar Pack

This is a scrub for your feet which will help to remove dead skin and soften your feet. To prepare this pack, you will need two tablespoons brown sugar, one tablespoon honey, one tablespoon lemon juice and one tablespoon olive oil. Fill your bathtub with lukewarm water. In a small bowl, you will mix all these ingredients till you have a sticky and smooth paste. Soak your feet in warm water for 20 minutes. This will remove all dust particles from your feet. You can ten start exfoliating your feet with this scrub. Move your hands gently and in the circular motion. You will do the same with your other foot. Do this for at least ten minutes and then rinse off your feet.

Brown Sugar Pack

3. Butter Moisturizer

This is a great moisturizer for your dry and achy feet. To prepare this moisturizer you will need one tablespoon of butter, three drops of lime juice and half a tub of lukewarm water. Mix butter and lime juice together and apply this on your feet. You will then soak your feet in water for at least 10 minutes. Pat it dry. You can also massage your feet with butter and lime pack and cover your feet with socks. Let it remain overnight. You will love your soft feet in the morning.

Butter Moisturizer

4. Detox Solution

You can actually detox your feet at home. To detox your feet you will need two tea bags of any brand. Along with this, you will need one teaspoon of honey and lemon each. You will also need a bucket of warm or hot water. You will mix all these ingredients well in the bucket of water. Allow your feet to remain soaked for at least 15 minutes. Massage your feet using a pumice stone. It will help in removing dead skin. It will also help to refresh and rejuvenate the skin.

Detox Solution

5. Moisturizing Cream

To prepare this cream you will need one tablespoon olive oil and two or three drops of lavender or lemon oil. Mix both the oils in a small glass bottle and shake well. This will form a milky thick solution. Apply this solution to your feet in circular motions. This cream will moisturize and keep your feet soft and healthy. It removes dead cells and reduces skin roughness in a short time.

Moisturizing Cream