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5 Easy Homemade Overnight Hair Masks For Luscious Locks

How many of you have a habit of giving a nice and hot massage to your hair before sleeping ? This relaxing massage has its own benefits and gives you a calm sleep also. The Overnight period is great time where we can offer pampering to our hair since the cell renewal process takes place when we sleep. Hence it is beneficial to infuse the nutrients at night which would get absorb effectively by hair. Hence you mus have noticed that over night oil massage session gives you softer and silkier hair once you wash. How about giving your hair a deep nourishment in the form of over night hair masks ? Yes it is possible. We have brought few easy recipes of Homemade Over night masks that can be prepared easily at home and applied overnight to get luscious locks in morning.

Here Are Some Easy Homemade Overnight Hair Masks For Luscious Locks:

1. Beer And Castor Oil Mask

Ingredients :

One Cup of  Mild Beer
One Ripe Mashed Banana
One Tablespoon of Castor Oil
One Teaspoon of Honey

Preparation Method:

It is as simple as preparing your regular hair masks. Mix it and apply it. But since you would be leaving it over night make sure you cover your hair with shower cap or plastic sheet to avoid the staining and the mess. Wash your hair in the morning with mild shampoo and your regular conditioner. Beer, Castor oil and Banana would help you to get shiny mane in no time .

Beer And Castor Oil Mask

2. Olive Oil And Egg Yolk Mask


One Tablespoon of Aloe Vera Gel
One Tablespoon of Olive Oil
Egg Yolk

Preparation Method:

Prepare a thick paste by mixing the above ingredients together. Spread it on your hair and scalp by using brush. If you hate the smell of egg then you can add few drops of essential oil of your choice also. Keep it overnight by putting a shower cap on your hair. This Mask works exceptionally well on damaged and brittle hair.

Olive Oil And Egg Yolk Mask

3. Coconut Oil And Yogurt Mask

Ingredients :

One Tablespoon of Coconut Oil
Two Tablespoons of Fresh Yogurt
Two Vitamin E Capsules or One teaspoon of Vitamin E Oil

Preparation Method :

Take a bowl and add Coconut oil as well as Fresh Yogurt to it. Now Pierce the vitamin e capsule and add the extracted oil from it to the bowl. Blend it well to get a thick mask like consistency. Put it on your hair and cover it with plastic sheet or shower cap. Wash off the mask in morning with shampoo. This mask would help to add a great shine to your hair.

Coconut Oil And Yogurt Mask

4. Honey And Milk Mask


Two Tablespoons of Raw Milk
One Tablespoon of Pure Honey

Preparation Method:

Apply the mixture of these two on your scalp and hair evenly. Cover with shower cap and go to sleep. Pretty simple. This hair mask works well if you have split ends and frizzy hair. If you have fresh milk cream available then you can use it instead of Milk as well.

Honey And Milk Mask

5. Curry Leaves And Alkanet Root Mask

Ingredients :

Bunch of Fresh Curry Leaves
Two to three sticks of Alkanet Root
Two tablespoons of Coconut Oil

Preparation Method:

First Wash the Fresh curry leaves properly and grind it to get a fine paste. Soak Alkanet Root in coconut oil over night. This would turn oil red. Now mix the curry leaves paste to the oil and apply on your hair. Leave it over night. If you have an issue of premature graying of hair then this mask is the solution for you.

Curry Leaves And Alkanet Root Mask