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5 Easy Recipes Of Yogurt Body Masks For Radiant And Glowing Skin

We pamper our face  and our hair whenever we get time. But when it comes to our body skin we simply restrict it to regular bathing session and just a moisturizer in case if it feels drier. Apart from regular cleansing it requires an exfoliation and deep nourishment too since our body tends to accumulated dead skin cells too like our face. Hence most of the times our hands and other parts of our body look darker than our face. So lets promise our body skin that you would take care of it as well they way you have been doing for your facial skin. But how to start ? Simple the way you put facial mask on your face put a body mask on your body. We will share some easy recipes of body masks which you can try to pamper your body skin and we would be using yogurt as our main ingredients. Yogurt does not need an introduction and all of us are aware of its incredible benefits for our skin.

 Here Are Some Easy Recipes Of Yogurt Body Masks For Radiant And Glowing Skin:

1. Yogurt Chickpea Flour Deep Cleansing Body Mask

We have a habit of putting a regular body wash or soap to cleanse the skin. But like face our body skin needs a deep cleansing too. Our body skin do accumulates the dirt, sweat and impurities daily and it needs to be cleansed to get a healthy skin. You can prepare a cleansing mask with three tablespoons of yogurt, one tablespoon of chick pea flour, one tablespoon of lemon juice with a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Massage it well on your body skin and let it work for few minutes. This mask contains deep cleansing properties due to chickpea flour and lactic acid of yogurt which gives you a squeaky clean and radiant skin with daily usage.

Yogurt Chickpea Flour Deep Cleansing Body Mask

2. Yogurt With Coffee

Want to pamper your body skin with aromatic coffee ? Try this body mask. Above all this mask works as an exfoliator as well which helps to remove the dead skin cells from your body skin and keep it glowing. Interesting ? Lets head to the recipe. Take four tablespoons of yogurt, a tablespoon of fresh grounded coffee and a teaspoon of honey. Make a thick paste of it and apply on your body. Massage in circular motion for five minutes and let it work for another 10 minutes. You can use it twice a week while taking a bath.

Yogurt With Coffee

3. Yogurt With Oatmeal For Exfoliation

This is an another yogurt mask which would help to exfoliate the dead skin cells and impurities. As we discussed above that our body skin too needs a regular exfoliation to keep it healthy and radiant. Hence you can try this simple and easy recipe. Just take three tablespoons of yogurt, one tablespoon of oatmeal and a teaspoon of cinnamon powder. You should get a thick scrub like consistency after mixing all the ingredients. Spread it on your body skin and start scrubbing. You should get clear, hydrated and glowing skin in no time.

 Yogurt With Oatmeal For Exfoliation

4. Anti Tan Yogurt Body Mask

Tired of using the anti tan creams and store bought lotions? Give yogurt a chance and you would be amazed by the results. Yogurt makes an effective anti tan mask which helps to remove the stubborn tan in a natural way. Prepare a simple mask by using a cup of fresh yogurt with a teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply it on the tanned area and let it work for 20 minutes. Repeat it twice a week to get tan free skin.

Anti Tan Yogurt Body Mask

5. Yogurt Avocado Hydrating Body Mask

Our body skin tends to get more drier and rough than our facial skin. Moisturizer and body lotions do work on it but it requires a deep and intensive nourishment to keep the skin cells hydrated. What would be the best ingredients other than the yogurt and avocado to keep it hydrated? Make a simple hydrating mask with half a cup of ripe mashed avocado and half a cup of yogurt. Put in your body skin and keep it for 30 minutes. Avocado and Yogurt works amazingly well on dry and irritated skin. Follow this mask once a week.

Yogurt Avocado