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5 Easy Steps To Homemade Fairness Gel For Brighter Skin

Who doesn’t like to have a  clear, spotless and fairer skin?  I am sure most of you do. It requires a regular skin care routine, Healthy Diet and Quality skin care products. Good skin care products play a vital role in keeping your skin healthy and glowing. Most of the store bought skin care products contain harmful chemicals which sometimes causes side effects to the skin. Hence we always look for the natural skin care products to keep our skin beautiful. Today we are going to discuss about one such easy recipe of a fairness gel. This fairness gel contains natural ingredients hence it would not cause you any side effects. You can prepare this fairness gel at your home with easily available ingredients.

Easy Steps To Homemade Fairness Gel For Brighter Skin

fairness gel

Step One

Here we would gather all the ingredients which require to prepare this fairness gel. You would need Two tablespoons of Fresh Aloe Vera Gel, Four Vitamin E capsules, 10 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil and 10 Drops of Lemongrass oil. If you do not have the Fresh aloe vera gel then you can use the store bought gel as well. You would also need a bowl, spatula and an empty container to store the gel.

Step Two

To start with, We would take an empty bowl and add Aloe vera juice in it. Now add 10 drops of Tea tree essential oil and 10 drops of Lemon grass essential oil to it. Mix all the ingredients well to get a smooth paste

Step Three

Now Puncture the Vitamin E Capsule and extract the oil from it . Add this oil to the mixture and mix well to get a smooth gel creme like consistency. You can add additional capsule if you have a dry skin. You can also add a drop of Lavender Essential oil if you have a dry skin.

Step Four

Pour this mixture into the container and keep it the Refrigerator for Half an hour.  Take it out later and whisk again to mix all the ingredients properly. Your Homemade Fairness Gel is ready to use. Store it in the refrigerator to get a cooling sensation while applying.

Step Five

To use this gel, scoop out the gel from the container and apply on the well cleansed face. Massage for a minute till it gets absorbed. This gel is non sticky yet hydrating. Hence it does not leave any greasy feeling after application. This fairness gel is suitable for all skin types. Coming to the benefits part of this gel. Aloe Vera gel contains Hydrating and Nourishing properties. Hence it helps to hydrate and moisturize all types of skin. Apart from this it also helps to reduce the skin discoloration and blemishes. Hence gives you Brighter and Glowing skin naturally. Aloe Vera gel also works wonders on tanned skin. Hence if you have a tanned skin then this fairness gel would definitely help to reduce it. This fairness gel also contains Vitamin E which is a great ingredient to retain the skin elasticity. It helps to smooth out the fine lines, wrinkles and age spots with regular usage. Tea tree oil works exceptionally well for acne and blemishes. Due to its anti bacterial properties it helps to kill the acne causing bacteria and reduce the acne while the lemongrass oil contains astringent properties which helps to control the excess oil secretion on your face and also shrink the large skin pores.