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5 Easy Steps To Prepare Homemade Natural Cheek Stain

Getting Peachy and rosy cheeks is the most important step in the make up routine. But using proper and good quality blushes are equally important. Good blushes would help to those flushed cheek bones and get a natural pink glow to your face. Most of you must be hesitant to use those cosmetic blushes due to the texture or due to the chemical components. While mother nature is kind enough to get us the flawless skin it also help us to get that beautiful flushed cheeks as well. We are talking about the homemade blush. i.e. Cheek Stain. Yes. You can certainly prepare some of your make up products at home with some easy and simple steps. We would see the recipe of Natural Homemade Cheek Stain i.e. Blush today. Just collect the necessary ingredients and start preparing.

Easy Steps To Prepare Homemade Natural Cheek Stain:

natural cheek stain

Step 1

Since we are preparing this cheek stain at home we would make sure that we would use only the basic ingredients which are easily available and does not cost you bomb. So start collecting the ingredients and equipment’s that we would be using. Take one Beetroot and cut it in two halves. We need only one half to prepare this recipe. Rose water is another essential ingredient to get a smoother texture to our tint. Along with this gather cotton balls, strainer, a small container and blender as well.

Step 2

First wash the beetroot and peel it off using the peeler. Now cut it into small pieces and put it in the blender . Make a smoother paste till the time you get a watery froth on the surface of the mixture. Make sure you do  not add any water in it while grinding as we want to retain the natural color. But still if you wish then you can a  bit of rose water in the mixture.

Step 3

Now take out the mixture from the grinder and strain it using the strainer to discard the residue. The Liquid is ready to process now. Take a big spoon or spatula and pour the mixture in it. Use the double boiler method to heat this mixture. Put this spatula in the pot containing hot water. Keep it on the low flame and let it heat slowly Make sure you keep stirring the mixture continuously with a small spoon while heating.  Switch off the flame once it starts thickening. It should take  two to three minutes of time to thicken the mixture.

Step 4

Rose water is the next product that we are going to add in our mixture. Add a tablespoon of it to the beetroot juice mixture. Prepare a thick solution by mixing both the ingredients together. Your natural homemade cheek tint is ready to use.

Step 5

Lets store this cheek tint in the small case. Here you can use a small box or even a small glass bottle to store the cheek stain. But make sure you get these containers or bottles sterilized to avoid any kind of bacterial infection. You can even use the alcohol to clean the container. Dry the container and pour the solution in it. Here we are not using any preservative hence it needs to be kept in refrigerator to stay longer. It would thicken up more as you keep in the refrigerator and it would be easier to use. Whats more ? You can even use this cheek stain as a lip stain as well to get a rosy lips. This natural tint would give your cheeks and lips a natural flush of color.