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5 Easy Ways To Soothe The Sunburned Lips At Home

Do you think our skin and hair only gets affected due to the harmful UVA and UVB rays ? Have you ever experience the burning sensation and flakiness in your lips when you come home from scorching sun ? That is nothing but the signs of sun burn on your lips. The skin on your lips is very delicate and is prone to get affected easily by any eternal factor. Let it be chilled weather or hot summer. We generally apply our regular lip balm and go out. Some of us even think that the lip balm is necessary only in winters which is wrong. The basic job of a lip balm is to protect your lips from dryness. Nowadays you would find many lip balms which contain SPF factor as well to protect the lips. But what about the lips which are already affected by this ? No worries.Just have a look at some simple home remedies which are listed below and try using them to soothe your irritated lips.

Easy Ways To Soothe The Sunburned Lips At Home:

1. Massage With Aloe Vera

Do we really need to brief about the goodness of aloe vera. Every one on the earth is aware about it and even know how good it is for our skin. Its anti inflammatory and soothing properties makes it a best ingredient to take care of sensitive and irritated skin. Its time to use it for our lips as well.Like skin it also helps to soothe the sun burned lips and keep it hydrated. Just scoop out the gel from the leaf and massage it on the lips. Repeat this method daily till the time you get relief.

Massage With Aloe Vera

2. Chamomile Tea Bags

What do you do after sipping this favorite tea of yours ? Just throw away the tea bags right. Next time when you brew a fresh cup of chamomile tea for your self , keep the tea bag in the freezer. Keep it on your lips for few minutes the way you put the tea bags under your eyes. Daily use of this method would result into soothed lips.

Chamomile Tea Bags


3. Soothe With Tomato

This is our one of the preferred ingredient when it comes to soothing the sun burned skin and lighten it. Similarly you can use the same to soothe your lips as well. Its anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties work effectively to heal your sun burned lips and replenish them. Just mix two tablespoons of fresh tomato juice with four tablespoons of butter milk and apply on your lips for 30 minutes.

Soothe With Tomato

4. Heal With Oatmeal

This anti acne cum natural exfoliating ingredient works equally well to get relief from sun burn as well. It too contains anti inflammatory properties that helps to rejuvenate your lips and keep it hydrated. The remedy is pretty simple too. Take one tablespoon of oatmeal and keep it on the muslin cloth . Tie a knot and put it in the boiling water for two to three minutes. Just massage gently the affected lips with this muslin packet everyday to get relief .


 Heal With Oatmeal

5. Lettuce Leaves

Take few Lettuce leaves and put in the container. Now add two cups of water in it and boil for 10 minutes. Once cool down soak the cotton pad or cotton ball in it and gently wipe your lips with it. Lettuce leaves are rich in analgesic and anti inflammatory properties which are extremely efficient to soothe your aching lips.

Lettuce Leaves