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5 Effective Home Remedies For Insomnia

Having lack of sleep or improper sleep can be a terrifying experience. When this condition becomes normal and you are unable to sleep every night, it is known as insomnia. It can be quite irritating as you watch the clock ticking away throughout the night. Many factors can lead to this situation like stress, depression, too much of exposure to technology, hormonal imbalance and intake of certain medications. In this technology filled world, many of us are getting more prone to this situation. Sleeping pills can give you a fulfilled sleep but having a pill every night is unhealthy for health. It may work out in the present but side effects will occur in the future. There are numerous homemade solutions which can be easily tried at home that many of us failed to know. They are safe as the methods and ingredients used are natural.

Here Is A List Of Home Remedies For Insomnia:

1. Valerian Root:

Obtain a teaspoon of dried valerian root and add it to 1 cup of boiled water. Let it steep for 15 minutes. Then strain to remove the root and drink the warm solution. You can add a little honey to increase the taste. The root of valerian is obtained from the herbal plant which contains sedative and calming qualities. It is an ideal remedy in treating stress and anxiety related issues as well. Nowadays, you can easily obtain this root in powdered form or capsules at Ayurvedic stores. However, having a cup of warm valerian tea every day is the better way to get the best results.

Valerian Root

2. Green Tea:

Green tea is a great stress-reliever. It can seep into our system and relax the strained muscles and nerves. Having this tea on a regular basis can reduce anxiety and a tensed mind. As a result, you can have a peaceful and calm mentality at night which can give you a satisfied sleep. Other than that, green tea has lots of benefits like improving our immune system, preventing the occurrence of cancerous tumors and lots more. Drink at least two cups of green tea daily which can reduce the effects of insomnia effectively.

Green Tea

3. Lavender Oil:

You can use lavender oil especially through aroma therapy to induce sleep at nights. The soothing fragrance of this oil can unwind the hassled and stressed out nerves of our brain. Inhale the aroma every night before going to sleep. It is easy, natural and beneficial for our health. An alternate way is to sprinkle a little of this oil on your pillow before sleeping.

Lavender Oil

4. Chamomile Tea:

Have a warm cup of chamomile tea on a daily basis to decrease sleeplessness at night time. It is an ideal remedy which can make people to snooze off easily by making your body cells tired. You can add honey or lemon juice to the tea to increase the flavor. Have a cup before sleeping every night to get improved results.

Chamomile Tea

5. Cherry Juice:

Have cherry juice habitually which can improve and enhance your sleeping patterns. Melatonin is a necessity to boost our sleeping cells. This compound maintains a healthy sleeping cycle by causing drowsiness by lowering the body temperature at night. Cherries contain a chemical named tryptophan which is digested and processed by our system into serotonin. This product further gets metabolized into melatonin. This compound can be bought in the form of pills obtainable at medical stores. However, it can be easily acquired from cherries which are natural and safe.

Cherry Juice