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5 Effective Ways To Use Garlic For Weight Loss

Everybody knows the importance of garlic in cardiovascular system as it effectively works in reducing diastolic and systolic blood pressure. Also, garlic is very effective in increasing the levels of good cholesterol. But, many don’t know the importance of garlic in weight loss. Garlic is one of the miracle foods that aids in healthy weight loss. Loaded with anti-obesity properties, garlic helps to achieve your weight loss goal effectively. Garlic is beneficial in preventing conversion of pre-fat cells to fat cells. Garlic acts as an appetite suppressant and helps to speed up the rate of metabolism. All these properties progress towards healthy weight loss plan. Raw garlic works wonders effectively in doing so.

Here Are The Ways To Use Garlic For Weight Loss

1. Raw Garlic And Lemon Water

This is one of the effective ways of using garlic for shedding excess weight. Also, belly fat can be reduced to a greater extent. Hence, prefer to eat at least three or four raw garlic cloves on an empty stomach. This works wonders in achieving in cutting down excess weight. After chewing garlic cloves drink lemon water. Regular intake of garlic helps in giving you positive results. Eating raw garlic helps to burn fat effectively as garlic is known for speeding up metabolic rate [1].

Raw Garlic And Lemon Water

2. Garlic Juice

You can also try drinking garlic juice for shedding down extra weight. Garlic is rich in anti-obesity properties. Taking garlic in the form of juice if one of the ways of trimming down fats and maintaining healthy weight [2].

Garlic Juice

3. Including Garlic In Diet:

Adding garlic to your diet is one of the best ways of grabbing its benefits for weight loss. Garlic is mostly used in cooking as a seasoning ingredient. Its strong flavor works well in highlighting the flavor of dishes [3].


4. Minced Garlic:

Minced or Crushed garlic is loaded with medicinal properties. Crushing the garlic and leaving it aside for few minutes maximizes its benefits for supporting weight loss goal [4].

Minced Garlic

5. Garlic Capsules:

Taking garlic capsules after consulting your doctor is also one of the best effective ways of getting rid of excess weight. Garlic capsules can be taken on daily basis as recommended by doctor. Metabolism rate is increased by having garlic in any form on regular basis. Healthy metabolism is highly effective in maintaining healthy weight [5].

Garlic Capsules