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5 Excellent Uses Of Sandalwood Essential Oil That You Should Know

Sandalwood has its nativity to certain Asian regions and Australia and the oil extracted from its bark has been a time traditional one and is used in a wide variety of applications. Think sandalwood and the first thing that might come to your mind would be its un-daunting aroma and the mesmerizing effect it leaves on you. Also used in a wide range of medicinal purposes, pure sandalwood essential oil is growing in demand by the day. The older the sandalwood tree is, the more mature the oil becomes. In other words, sandalwood essential oil is used in a variety of therapeutic massage in spas and cultures across the globe. Let us look at some of its uses for your skin.
You can also make sandalwood essential oil at home by following these simple steps. Preheat a microwave oven to about 200 degrees. Now take a sauce pan and pour in a cup of olive oil along with a fine mixture of sandalwood powder. Mix the contents well and place the saucepan in the microwave. Heat it for about 3 to 4 hours. Take it out and let it cool. Later strain the contents into a bottle by using a muslin cloth. There! Your homemade sandalwood essential oil is ready to use now. Store it in a cool place for best benefits. Now let us look at its uses.

Excellent Uses of Sandalwood Essential Oil That You Should Know:

1. Use It For A Clear And Flawless Skin

Hope you noticed that many of the skin products which you use daily have some fraction of sandalwood component in it. That is because sandalwood softens the skin and textures the layers of your skin. It simply brings back your skin to life and is beneficial is removing dark spots and blemishes that affect your skin. Dip a cotton bud in some sandalwood essential oil and apply it on the affected region. You can even use it as an overnight oil and apply it on your skin and face.  Once you wake up, rinse well to feel the freshness of your skin.

Use It For A Clear And Flawless Skin

2. Use It Against Skin Ageing

Skin Aging is one the dreaded words that you do not want to hear. Once your skin sags and starts to age it would be extremely tiresome to get its sheen back. You may have to make countless trips to the spa or you can try out a simple thing. Use Sandalwood essential oil. Its amazing skin tightening properties does not let your skin go sag and is beneficial for preventing the aging life cycle of your skin. It moisturizes your skin and hydrates them and makes your skin look younger and suppler. Take some sandalwood essential oil and mix it with a few drop of honey. Now apply this generously on your skin. Clean off later. Use this for a few weeks and you might even stop going to the spa.

Use It Against Skin Ageing

3. Use It As A Skin Coolant

One of the main factors for many skin issues can be attributed towards body temperature. The rise in the temperature can cause some irreparable damage to your skin and it is always sane to keep your skin cool and hydrated. Sandalwood essential oil does that for your skin. The cooling effects can be beneficial in bringing down the itchiness and redness of your skin. It also controls the inflammations and has a calming effect on your skin irrespective of the weather. Take some sandalwood essential oil and mix to a teaspoon of fresh Aloe Vera juice. Gently massage them on your skin and let it soak up for an hour. Rinse it off later and try it out for a few weeks before you notice visible changes.

sandalwood for skin coolant

4. Use It Against Body Odor

Body Odor is sure to make a day miserable. It is one of the impressions that you leave on your colleague and an odor can really ruin it. Some people do sweat a lot and in spite of using deo, the effect may not g away. Try out sandalwood essential oil in those cases. The oil is naturally aromatic and can take care of the infection that causes the bad odor. Apply the oil in the places where you sweat a lot and in some cases you can even make a paste out of the sandalwood powder and apply them overnight to get its soothing benefits.

sandalwood oil for odour

5. Use It As A Massage And Muscle Relaxant

Due to the inactive lifestyle that we lead, many a time we end up having sore muscles and spasms. We may not be in a position to change our lifestyle but we are definitely in a position to take care of the after effects. Sandalwood oil has some great antispasmodic properties that can be beneficial for massaging your tired skin and muscles. Warm up some sandalwood oil. Do not heat it up, just warm up. Allow it to cool and add in few drops of olive oil and drop in a camphor tablet. Do not stir, but let the tablet dissolve on its own while the mix cools. Use this mix for massaging your muscles, especially your joints and neck for better comfort.