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5 Food Ingredients You Must Avoid At All Costs

Getting the perfect food and taste is not exactly a rocket science. It is getting the basics right and the ingredient right. It is true that the ingredients that we use in the food can make or break a food. Humanity’s first tryst with cooked food has been simply roasting over the fire and relishing them. Over time the taste buds got better of us and we have started to add the flavors. A good decade or two before, we really had time to analyze a flavor and arrive at its pros and cons. We ended up using a bad ingredient only when we were completely ignorant about its usefulness. Now fast forward to the present age – we at times or rather many times know the ill effects of an ingredient or an additive-yet we blatantly use them to increase the flavor of the food. Not to forget that in this current age we are always on our tender toes to meet our deadlines and we completely ignore the fact of what our food is made of. This simple mistake of ours leads to unimaginable health consequences in the long run. There are some worst additives out there and we knowingly or unknowingly use them. There are some stuffs that we really should never add in our food and it is advisable to steer clear of them. We have given out some harmful additives that we use every day and the reason why we should not encourage them in our foods below. Take note of them for your benefit.

Some Food Ingredients You Must Avoid At All Costs:

1. Corn Syrup

It has become a trend nowadays when people state that they have added corn syrups to their salads and their foods. This is getting immensely popular in recent times and the taste of it makes them a hit with the kids. But it has more disadvantages than we can count. They are high in calories and are naturally associated with obesity. Also, in many instances, these corn syrups have high fructose contents in them. This is extremely bad for your health and they are the leading cause of abnormal blood pressure and heart ailments. Not to forget that this increases your chances of diabetes. Stay well away from them at all instances and do not use them as an additive.

 Corn Syrup

2. Trans Fat Oil

This is no secret and in recent times they are being voraciously being advised against by both doctors and experts. The fats occur when hydrogenation of the vegetable oil occurs. These are the nastiest type of fats that you can get inside your system. These types of fats are used in deep fried products and even in baked foods. Trans fat can increase the chances of cardiovascular ailments and they can block your arteries. They are also not easily digested and can play havoc with your digestive systems. It is safe to stay away from them at all costs.

Trans Fat Oil

3. MSG – Monosodium Glutamate

If you are a fan of Asian cuisine, then you might have heard about this ingredient. It is true that MSG really gets you a flavorful and tasty meal. However, taking them regularly can have serious medical consequences. They are known to be carcinogenic and in some cases can induce or support tumor cells in their spread. Also, they are known to cause numbness, weakness or stiff body pain and obesity. Experts do believe that even the MSG marketed as extremely safe can also have some deviations in them. In case you have them regularly, limit them at once and it would be best to have them rarely.


Monosodium Glutamate

4. Potassium Bromate

Potassium bromate is a substance or most importantly it is an additive which is used in the process of bread making. This is used to make the bread rise while baking.  However recently, potassium bromate has been found to be causing some side effects and is also possibly carcinogenic. They can affect our metabolism and can cause abnormal hormonal behaviors when they are at high levels. They also spike up the toxic nature of our kidneys and can result in kidney infections or failures. It is important to stay away from this additive when you are baking at home.

Potassium Bromate

5. Artificial Color (Dyes)

A bright color in the food can be such an eye pleasing experience and make us want to gobble it. But have you wondered how the food is made to that color? Be it an ice-cream, curry, aerated drink or a candy, an artificial color or a dye is used to make the color. Most of the dyes used nowadays are safe and would be conforming to stringent norms, but however, in many cases try to avoid the artificial colored foods. They can increase the asthma signs and triggers and can affect the thyroid region. This is especially not advisable for children. Try to stay away from some artificial color enhancers in all types of food.

Artificial Color