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5 Food Storage Mistakes You Should Avoid And Their Solutions



When we are storing our foods we have to be little careful about this matter. If we do not store them properly it will get spoiled and also the food value would get destroyed. If we get little concerned about the fact about storing the foods properly definitely we will get benefited.

Here Are Some Useful Tips About Storing Foods Properly.

Consume It Fast When Opened:

Nowadays everything is available in tetra packs like juice, milk, yoghurt etc. which is very useful for serving. Often we do that we consume a portion of that food and consume the rest of the foods few days later. But it is not a good habit and it also not very healthy option too. The food stuffs in tetra packs stored under a particular temperature in air tight condition thus no bacteria should formed in to it. When you open the pack it came to the contact of air in another temperature which is favorable for generating bacteria in to it which is the main reason behind the spoiling of food. So, if you want avoid this situation try to consume the whole food once it was opened. If it is not possible to consume once try to buy small or single serving packs thus you can use and store food in a healthy way.


Keep The Dough Soft:

Often we have store the dough in refrigerator before use it in our cooking or it may be the extra or leftover of today’s cooking. When you store the dough in your fridge just be careful to store it properly thus it does not loose it texture or taste both. Cover the dough with a moist cloth to avoid the formation of crust on it. It will keep the dough soft and moist thus you can use it in your dish with out any hassle.


Keep Them Roasted:

Often we did not get the proper taste of the spices which we have stored. Many times they have lost their aroma and may not grind well. Thus these spices spoil the taste of the food. To keep the taste of the spices take a little step. Just dry roast the spices like cumin, saunff, and fenugreek etc and store them in an airtight container to remain it fresh. If you store them this way it can grind well and the powders you will get is fine than the usual. When you want to use them in your cooking just grind them and add it in your dish.


Replace The Cap:

Often we are forgetting to replace the cap of the jar after taking the food from it. Don’t do it as it will get spoiled by catching the moisture of the air. You may have experience it mostly in salt and storing biscuits. Try to replace the caps in its place after you have used it.


Tips About Fruit Storage:

Almost every body of us is familiar to make delicious fruit salads for our family. To make the dish quickly often we cut the fruits in advance and store them in our refrigerator. But it looks very ugly as black spots appear over it and often the fruit get spoiled. Try not to cut the fruits for fruit salads long time before you prepare the dish. Cut the fruits just before you make the dish. If you have cut the fruits then just apply few drops of lemon juice to avoid the black spots on them.