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5 Foods Eat To Burn Calories

5 Foods Eat To Burn Calories

From cucumber and celery to grapefruit and papaya, these are the foods that can be essentially consumed as much as you like without putting on those unwanted pounds. While some of these foods have thermogenic effect which can literally melt away the fat, others have phytonutrients and other macro-nutrients that keep your appetite low and shift your metabolism to fat-burning mode.

Listed Below Are Top 5 Calorie Burning Foods To Include In Your Weight Loss Eating Plan


Acai berries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, cranberries – the list goes on. Packed with antioxidants and low on sugar, berries do not only aid weight-loss, rather they come with a slew of health benefits like keeping skin looking young and vibrant. You can snack up a bowl or add them to salads, low-fat yogurt. Try blending them up to prepare a smoothie.



All varieties of pepper contain a natural substance called capsaicin that can help you shed fat fast. Capsaicin suppresses appetite, increases rate of metabolism, regulates carbohydrates, improves oxidation of fat, enhances stamina, boosts digestion and provide a numbing effect to the tongue thereby cutting off binging habit. Eat them fresh, roasted, stuffed or just add them to your salsa!

Red Bell Peppers


Made mostly of water, cucumber actually has much lesser calories than it is required to digest it. It works like diuretic and has rare nutrients such as sulphur and silicon which stimulate the kidneys to detox the body. Cucumber is also packed with fibers and helps relive constipation. A cup of diced cucumber contains not more than 14 calories, making it an ideal snack between meals. You make add them to soup, juices or jut dip it in low fat salsa.



Asparagus contain less than 4 calories per spear and can be served in variety of ways. It is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. It offers neutralizing effects to toxins, thereby protecting the body against the damages of pollution, cigarette smoke, smog etc. It helps in suppressing appetite, de-bloating, and metabolizes body sugar. You can add them to soup and your other favorite recipes.



Available throughout the year, celery is much more than a traditional salad ingredient. It contains Pthalides that reduces stress hormones and helps in regulation of blood pressure. It also contains Ascorbic acid and essential minerals like potassium and Folacin. You can snack up raw celery or add it to stews, soups and other stir fried dishes.