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5 Genuine Ways To Get Rid Of Smoking

Perhaps the most spread across message around the globe would be the ill effects of smoking and the irony is that it is the perhaps the least followed message of the globe too. Whether it is a puff or a full pack or a full carton- smoking is undeniably harmful to health! But still, there are millions across the globe who are having a fag right now while we type this. Nobody really knows exactly as to what drives people to this illogical means of company. The fact remains that while some have a puff when they are stressed out; others have it as a routine. Many have it as a hobby too and most people look at it as a time pass. Irrespective of the state, smoking is a strict no for your human body. Experts are sometimes baffled that the very people who unconsciously close their noses when they are in a vicinity of a fire and smoke embrace the form of smoking cigarettes openly. Seems illogical right? Cigarettes are one of the most deadly carcinogen agents that are available within the human vicinity and it can cause irreparable health damages. Having a control of your smoke cravings is like having a control of your bike on a road filled with oil. It can be done only with sheer will power and determination and yes we agree that it is definitely not easy. However, smoking has to be quit at all levels. We have some simple everyday tips that can be followed to avoid your smoking pangs. Let us have a look at them.

Here Are Some Genuine Ways To Get Rid Of Smoking:

1. Deep Breathing

Cigarette cravings are in most cases an emotional desire and you can try taking a deep breath whenever you have such urges. This will help you relax and calm your stress. It is not easy at first, but this not impossible either. With a deep breath, your lungs would be full of oxygen and this eases your mood positively. The best time to do this would be in the mornings where you have more control of yourself. Also starting your day with such deep exercises can add more meaning to your day and you can be in more control of your urges. Sit straight in a comfortable chair and just breathe deeply in the mornings. Let your lungs be filled with oxygen for a few seconds and then exhale. Repeat this breathing exercise for about 15 to 20 minutes every morning and notice your reduction in your urges to get a fag.

Deep Breathing

2. Keep Your Jaws Busy

Smokers always look for the comfort they get when they dab a cigarette butt in their mouth. Sometimes when they get rid of the smoking habit, they miss this essence and they invariably try to get back to the habit. So the best solution is to keep your jaws and lips busy all the times. Have a chewing gum or a candy whenever you feel like having a smoke. You can alternate a candy with some healthy snacks like sunflower seeds or carrots or cucumbers etc. Drink a juice with a straw. Have it more relaxed and take your time. Try to keep your hands busy too at all the times. Try out crossword puzzles or Sudoku. Try holding the pen in your fingers like how you would hold a cigarette in order to get the comfort.

 Jaws Busy

3. Drink Lots Of Water

Water is the elixir of life and is known to flush out impurities anywhere. The same can be said about your body too. Drink lots of water to flush out the carcinogens that has formed due to smoking. Also, when you try to quit smoking the nicotine levels in your body can cause a dull prolonged headache. Drinking water frequently can aid you in this and can curb your appetite levels too. It is never easy to do this but have a small ounce of water and relish it every time you feel like taking a fag. You can even alternate this with fruit or healthy vegetable juices. Try a new fruit drink every day and see the drastic change in the results.


4. Opt For Meditation

This is probably the best way to get rid of your smoking pangs once you get the hang of it. It battles with the negative moods and makes your mind calm and relaxed. Most people have a surging effect to go for smoke involuntarily. Meditation curtails this principle. Even a 15 minute genuine meditation done early in the morning can have a lasting effect throughout the day and can be greatly beneficial in limiting the nicotine addiction. Slowly you can increase the time for meditation and this will definitely will have a positive impact on the way you try to limit smoking. It is not mandatory that you have to have the desired environment for meditation.  You can even sit comfortably in your chair and relax and close your eyes and meditate for a few minutes.


5. Regular Exercise

This can be termed as one of the best methods to curb smoking. Once you make a conscious effort to make a diet plan and stick to an exercise regime, experts believe that you have more control of your smoking urges. The fact is that you are investing a period of time to the exercise routine and you would be thinking thrice before you take a puff under these circumstances. Once your body gets into a regular workout pattern, it would be hard to break the rhythm. Also, the feeling of elation and euphoria that you get from such exercises can make you get rid of your addiction completely. Make a conscious effort by exercising regularly. Speak to an instructor about the best plan for you and make good use of it.

Regular Exercise