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5 Habits Happy People Follow Every Morning

In more ways than one, the way you start your mornings can be the ultimate answer to how your day is going to turn out to be. We humans take a dull and a lousy morning with us throughout the day and put the weight around in everything we do. Naturally, this gets reflected in the work and needless to say they cannot be done to satisfaction. 9 out 10 people who are happy and efficient would vouch for the fact that they have better mornings or they practice discipline every morning that helps them crack the challenges of the day. This is one of the things that separate people from getting happiness in whatever they do and the person who doesn’t get a sense of accomplishment in every work he/she does. Mornings are the best part of the day to get rid of the woes of the day before and start fresh. You can choose your morning as per your flexibility. One thing is for sure – start the positive vibe during the mornings and see the sense of triumph you achieve every day. Let us have a quick look at some of the stuff happy and vibrant people stick to as a part of the parcel in the early mornings.

Here Are Some Habits Happy People Follow Every Morning:

1. Starting Their Day Early

You might have heard of this statement- the early bird always gets the prize. It is true that a person who always wakes up early has more control over their day. No, it doesn’t imply that you have to be awake at the sound of the rooster every day. It simply indicates that you have a better time management in your hand when you wake up early. Your mind is in a naturally clean state when you wake up early and you can have some quietness around you which you can use to your advantage. You tend to be more proactive and you can plan with a much more clarity than at a middle of the day. Fix up a time which you are comfortable with and make it a point to get up on the schedule. You can take a jog, have a walk, fix up a journal entry, write the to-do list or simply enjoy the richness of the early morning break.

Day Early

2. Do Meditation

Experts would vouch that a 10 minute meditation early in the morning fills you with enough positive energy to take on the day with ease. It is the art of clearing your thoughts and achieving a sense of calmness with yourselves. It is also beneficial for boosting up your memory and the nervous reflexes. Regular meditation also makes you more focused and you achieve the emotional stamina to whatever hurdles life throws you on that day. You do not need a very large place and set-up for such meditation exercises. All you need to do is climb out of your bed, sit cross legged in a comfortable place, close your eyes and meditate for about 15 minutes. With each passing day, try to increase the state of meditation.


3. Drinking Lemon Water

Japanese cultures have a tradition of drinking a glass of water the moment you wake up. You can up it one more notch and try out drinking lemon water. Lemon is beneficial in the elimination of harmful toxins from your body. Having it daily in the morning takes care of your digestions and regulates bowel movements. Drinking lemon water early in the morning oxygenates your cells and combats the effect of free radicals by weeding them out. It greatly aids in the detoxification process and gives you the much-needed freshness to our entire health to take you through the day.

Lemon Water

4. Eating A Nutritious Breakfast

Breakfast, as the name suggests, is to break the self-indulged fast that we have when we sleep. Your body works over time when you sleep to break the energy. Added to that, your brain will not be receiving the full capacity of blood when you sleep. As a result, we tend to feel drowsy and drained of energy early mornings. A good hearty nutritious breakfast would fix that. Experts would suggest to never skip a breakfast as they in all aspects give you the much needed energy to get you through the day. Having cereals and fruits and a glass of milk can be beneficial in keeping the body fit and mentally sound to take care of the daily chores.

Nutritious Breakfast

5. Exercise

Exercises are best when done in early mornings. It doesn’t mean that you have to hit a hard core gym regime every morning. Have a dedicated time for exercises you are comfortable with. Be it a simple exercise of walking or cycling – do it with utmost devotion. Exercises and morning exercises are especially beneficial for boosting up your blood flow and in energizing you. Morning exercises also lift your mood up and can improve your performances for the day.


Apart from these, happy people do have a habit of reading something motivational or inspiration each morning. It can be a book or a verse or a recorded speech. Listening to such motivations can give you the freedom to explore the day without any inhibitions.