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5 Health Hazards Of Drinking Soda Has On Your Health

In case you are drinking an aerated drink or a soda while reading this blog, kindly put them away and continue reading. Yes, we know you are addicted to it and we know that you might think it quenches your thirst and makes you look cool. The truth can be no further to it. Soda drinks never quench your thirst. In a way, they aggravate your thirst levels. Second, they are extremely bad for your health. One of the biggest effects is that there many people around the globe who take soda water as a standard compliment along the food they eat. They in a way get addicted to it. There are many side effects of drinking soda water or an aerated drink on a regular basis. They are a store house of useless calories and the sugar coated soda drinks are even worse. They are the reason for a number of ailments in the developed and the developing world. Get rid of your soda addiction. We have listed out some of the common factors that occur to your health when you consume too much soda. Let us have a look at them.

5 Health Hazards Drinking Soda Has On Your Health:

1. Teeth Problems

Teeth get the first contact with soda when we drink them and the full effect of it is in a way imparted to our gums and enamel [1] . You might have heard that your teeth are covered by a protective layer called as enamel. Soda does not work well with this enamel and simply erodes them. Sodas generally have high sugar content and citric acid and without the protective layer of enamel, it can be disastrous for your teeth. It can also lead to a host of problems such a cavities, gum infections and weak tooth structure. Limit your consumption of soda at all times. Do not take them in huge quantities like water. Sometimes the damage caused to your teeth may be irreversible.

Teeth Problems

2. Obesity

Soda addicts and obesity seems to be the best pals for life [2] . You cannot see one without the other in many instances. Soda has tons of hidden calories in them that are extremely bad for your health. Also, their high sugar content can lead to a host of other problems apart from obesity. They encourage the production of hormonal reactions in your body and this simply leads to the extra flaps around your body. Experts would always suggest to not go for even zero calorie soda drinks as your body technically does not differentiate between them and treats soda as a carbonated drink high in calories. Excess soda in your body also curbs your energy levels. Try to limit these intakes and never under any circumstances over do them.


3. Limits Bone Strength

Your bones get weak over the time and this is a proven fact [3] . Unless you want to expedite this process quickly do not have a soda addiction. This is even more true for women and they are more prone to such bone strength gaps. Your bones need calcium for its vigor. Excess soda content in your body hampers this process of getting calcium to your bones. As a result, your joints and bones tend to get weak much sooner. Soda water also softens your bones and a person who is addicted to it can experience the wear and tear symptoms of the bones more frequently.

Bone Strength

4. Increases Blood Pressure

This is true irrespective of whether you use a zero calorie soda or a regular soda [4] . It has a portion of fructose – a type of corn syrup that is known to increase the blood pressure levels. It can also lead to hypertension that aggravates the risk of heart ailments. Regular soda drinkers are usually people with abnormal pressure levels and the acidic levels make the pressure levels extremely hard to get it under control. Limit your intake of soda drinks and usually have them very occasionally.

Blood Pressure

5. Kidney Disorders

Sodas are known to have phosphoric acid and they can affect the functionalities of your kidney when consumed frequently [5] . People who are addicts are at a considerable risk of damaging their kidneys and increase their chances of kidney stones and urinary infections. The presence of phosphorous can also increase the occurrences of uric acid kidney stones and painful urination. Do not go for the soda or carbonated drinks when you want to safe guard your kidneys. They are a strict no under any circumstances.

Kidney Disorders

6. Risk Of Diabetes

Diabetes is directly linked to obesity and weight gain [6] . While drinking soda you unsurprisingly increase your risk of diabetes to a great extent. The amount of sugar and calories available in a soda can be enough for the risk of type 2 diabetes if taken regularly. Diabetes is a tricky disease and it takes an enormous effort to keep them under control. A soda drink or a carbonated drink can easily tarnish this. Strictly reduce your consumption levels of soda and diabetes patients have to completely forego it for life betterment.