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5 Home Remedies For Back Pain

5 Home Remedies For Back Pain

5 Home Remedies For Back Pain

A back pain may seem to be a trivial issue but it can cause difficulties in proceeding with our daily activities. This problem is mostly faced by old age people but in today’s era even youngsters are suffering from back aches. The reasons can vary from people to people like pregnancy, poor diet and insufficient physical activities. However, some home therapies can be tried to get relief from back pain.

Try These Safe And Easy Remedies At Home:


Wheat is rich in compounds that can provide relief from back pain. It acts as a painkiller for back ache. Increase the wheat consumption in your daily life like wheat bread and wheat roti to solve this problem. You can also soak a small cup of wheat in water for an overnight and boil it with milk the next day. Drink this solution in the morning. Try this twice a week.

Eat Whole Grains


Consume at least a glass of milk every day so that sufficient amount of calcium can reach our bones and muscles. Back ache is another outcome of lack of calcium in the body. So drink more milk which can decrease back pain and strengthen the bones.



Basil leaf is a great medicine for back pain. Simply boil a few leaves in water and add a little salt for taste. Let it cool and drink the liquid. This potion can be taken twice a day to get better results.


Ginger Root:

Ginger can work wonders in curing this issue. It is rich in anti-inflammatory substance which can prevent back pain and also reduces the pain significantly. Add some slices of ginger root to water and boil it for a few minutes. Remove the ginger and drink the liquid. You can also apply ginger paste on the area which causes pain.

Ginger Root

Ice Pack:

When you need an immediate resolution for back ache, you can opt for this option. Put some ice on a thin cotton cloth and wrap it into a bundle. Press gently on the affected area for a few minutes till the pain subsides. This method can provide immediate relief.

Ice packs

Follow these simple home remedies to lessen your sufferings from back pain.