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5 Home Remedies For Cracked Heels

Home Remedies For Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are not just a problem of the winter or chilly days; if your skin is dry and dehydrated, crack heels tend to develop. These look ugly, are quite painful and a cause of embarrassment. Cracked heels gather dirt and can cause infections too if not taken care of. Dry and cracked heels can happen to anyone. It takes time to heal and get back to normal smooth skin. Thus, it’s important to take care and ensure there is no additional burden on your heels skin, it is well moisturized. Follow these easy home remedies to overcome the problem at home.

Here Are 5 Home Remedies For Treating Cracked Heels At Home:

Rice Flour Home Treatment

Rice flour is an effective exfoliating scrub which helps in removing all dead skins from the feet which cause drying and cracking. You need a handful of rice flour, mixed with apple cider vinegar and honey. Once you have a thick paste, you should add almond oil and a tablespoon of olive oil. Before you apply this paste, you need to soak your heels in a tub of warm water for at least 15 minutes. Apply this paste and slowly scrub your heels to remove dead skin. You can apply moisturizer after you have washed your feet thoroughly. You should do this regularly to have smooth heels.

Rice Flour

Apply Rosewater and Glycerine Solution

Glycerine helps to soften the skin. Rose water adds all essential vitamins which moisturizes the feet. Rose water is known for it antiseptic and antibacterial properties which help in treating cracked heels effectively. When you have a solution which is a combination of both, you get a perfect home remedy to treat cracked heels. You need to mix equal quantities of both and rub the solution on your feet and heels. This should be ideally applied before going to bed. Leaving it overnight helps to quicken the heeling process. If this is done on a daily basis, it will help in getting rid of cracked heels.

Glycerin and rosewater

Soak In Warm Salt Water

Cracked heels are caused due to dryness and lack of care. Add some salt in a tub of warm water. Mix the salt well and then  soak your heels in this solution for at least 15 minutes. Just after this, soak your heels in cold water. This will help in improving blood circulation and will offer relief from any kind of pain too. You need to dry your feet using a clean cloth or towel. Apply a good foot cream which will lock the moisturizer. You can also wear socks right after this, which will trap the moisture in your heels.

Soak In Warm Salt Water

Parrafin Wax Treatment

An effective way to treat cracked, bleeding and painful heels! You need some paraffin wax and add coconut or mustard oil. Mix this well. Now this mixture should be heated in a pan till the wax is completely melted. It then needs to be cooled at room temperature. Once cool you can apply it on your feet. The best time to apply this is at bed time. You can wash it off the next morning.

Parrafin Wax Treatment

Milk and Honey Treatment

Honey and milk are good moisturizers. They are loaded with antibacterial properties which help in reducing infections and inflammation. You need a cup of honey and three cups of milk for the treatment. Soak your feet in this solution and then massage with honey. This will help to loosen dead skin and clean the feet. It removes dryness and makes the feet soft.

Milk and honey

Hope this helps to cure all feet dryness and reduces cracks and heals your feet completely.