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5 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Blepharitis


Eyes are the part of our body through which we see this beautiful world. Eyes are one of the most important and sensitive organs, which can easily get affected by bacteria, viruses, and infections. Blepharitis is an eye-related disease or inflammation. It occurs on the eyelid mainly and sometimes at the corner of the eyelid. The main cause for this disorder is bacteria, but it’s not a serious complication. Sometimes, irritation may cause chronic, and you need to take care about this. In the case of Blepharitis, eyelid becomes swollen, crusty, and reddened. With the proper kind of precautions, the problem of Blepharitis can be easily solved. You can cure your infected eye with the help of some natural and herbal treatment. Some of the best natural treatment methods are as follows.

Here Are 5 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Blepharitis:

1. Use Cotton Swab

Natural treatment for this problem is to clean your eyelid very carefully and smoothly at least 2 times a day. This occurs mainly due to bacteria. Production of bacteria usually depends on the oil formed on your skin; hence, you can use a cotton swab and a baby shampoo to wash out the oil from the face. Apply baby shampoo on your eyelid and scrub it gently, and then leave it for a few seconds. Finally, clean it using cotton swabs. This is a simple method, but you should take care while doing it. It can provide you perfect results without much activity.

Use Cotton Swab

2. Increase The Consumption Of Vitamins

An eye and eyelid infection occurs due to bacteria and virus. The health of your eyes can be improved with the use of supplements and vitamins. Minerals, zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin C make your eyes healthy. Vitamin A can naturally heal your eyes from infection. Lack of A and C vitamin can lead to many problems, including your eyes. Usually, bacteria and virus spread very quickly. Vitamin A and C controls the spreading of these infecting bacteria and virus. A proper diet must be maintained in order to provide all kinds of essential vitamins to your body.

Increase The Consumption Of Vitamins

3. Use Of Proper Hygiene

Sometimes, eye infection problem may occur from other people. Proper hygiene is the only way to prevent eye infections. Never share your clothes, towels, etc. with the person infected with Blepharitis. People suffering from eye infection should limit the use of contact lenses, make-up for eyes until their eyes get healed completely. Use sun glasses while riding bike, and don’t forget to wash your hand before putting the contact lens. Proper hygiene is a natural precaution and prevention for the Blepharitis condition. This will also help to prevent further infection of Blepharitis.

Use Of Proper Hygiene

4. Use Of Massage

Apply a warm compress on your lid and then massage your eyelid. Follow these methods two times a day. Warm compress and massage are the simple and best natural treatments for your eyes. Always wash your eyes only with clean and cold water. Chamomile tea can also heal your eye infection. If you are suffering from an eye infection, then take a cotton swab and a cup of distilled water; dip the cotton swab in water and smoothly scrub on the infected eye. Repeat this for five times in a day and don’t use same cotton swab every time.

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5. Castor Oil

A natural treatment for blepharitis is using Castor oil to get relief from the inflammation. Any other problem arising due to the condition like itching, irritation, pain, and burning sensation can also be removed easily by using this treatment. Use cotton swab to apply the oil on the eyelids and eyelashes slowly. Do it before going to bed every night and also add a few drops to eyes as it avoid crust formation.
Castor Oil