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5 Home Remedies To Treat Runny Nose

Remedies To Treat Runny Nose

Runny nose is all about excess drainage from the nose, in the form of clear fluid to a very thick mucus which is produced by sinus or nasal and blood vessels of the nose. Runny nose is quite common in children, but adults too suffer from runny nose condition which tends to get a bit embarrassing at times. Runny nose is uncomfortable and needs immediate treatment. There are many home remedies which help in treating runny nose and offers relief. However, these home treatments are not a substitute of medical advice. If conditions get chronic and show no improvement, medical advice is always recommended.

Here Are 5 Home Remedies To Treat Runny Nose:

Cup of Flavored Herbal Tea

To cure a runny nose you can prepare a delicious and flavored herbal tea at home with ingredients that taste good and offer relief from runny nose.

Herbal Tea

How To Prepare Tea :

To prepare this tea you need 2 cups of water, a tea bag, half spoon of cinnamon, one teaspoon honey, half teaspoon crushed garlic, half teaspoon ginger and one teaspoon lemon juice. Ginger, garlic and cinnamon needs to be boiled for at least five minutes strained. Honey and lemon juice can be added for enhanced taste. Tea bag needs to be steeped for at least 7 minutes. The tea is ready and can be sipped for relief. If two cups of this specially flavored herbal tea is consumed in a day, there will be relief.

Salt Water Treatment

Salt water helps in reducing the irritation which is the result of runny nose. It helps in thinning nose mucus since it gets easier and more comfortable to expel it. Salt water helps in clearing nasal passage of all irritants.

Warm Salt Water

How To Use Salt Water :

You need to dissolve half tablespoon of salt in warm water. You can use the dropper or a suction bulb and slowly pour a bit of salt water in your nostrils. If a dropper or a suction bulb is not available, you can take some salt water in your hand and then sniff it steadily. Once you have sniffed, you need to blow your nose hard so that salt water is expelled. Mucus too escapes along with this salt water. You can now repeat the process with your other nostril. Do this at least three times in a day. It will clear your nose.

Mustard Oil Treatment

Mustard oil needs to be warmed and used as mucolytic. These help in draining the sinuses out with its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. Glucosinolate present in mustard helps in fighting away microbes. Allyl isothiocyanate present in mustard helps in combating fungal infection and combats different bacterial strain. This oil helps in draining nose fluid and cures all infections that cause runny nose.

Mustard Oil

How To Treat :

For this treatment you need little bit of mustard oil ( 4 drops) and a cotton ball or a dropper. Take some drops of oil in a cotton ball so that it is partially soaked in the oil. You can now pour some drops of oil from the cotton ball into your nostrils. Remember to keep your head slightly tilted which will ensure that the oil does not trickle out from the nose. After a few minutes you will feel a bit of trickle in your nose and the need to blow your nose. Gently blow your nose. Oil helps in lubricating your nostrils and moistens anything dry in your nose or sinus. This dirt or anything else comes out as you blow your nose along with mucus.

Onion Treatment

Onion is rich in sulfur which is known for its antibacterial properties. This sulfur is responsible for the unwanted tears you get when cutting onions. Onions helps to loosen mucus and in expelling fluid from nose. All that needs to be done is smell a few freshly cut onion slices. Onion steam can also be inhaled; onion tea can be consumed too.


How To Make Tea:

Cut onions into thin slices. Boil water in pot. Onion slices can be added to boiling water. Once the water is boils, pour it in a cup and inhale the steam for minutes. Once done, drink this specially made tea as you inhale the tea.

Sage Treatment

Sage is rich in thujone which helps in combating bacterial infections. It contains rosmarinic acids and phenolic which is an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. Sage tea is consumed for treatment.

Sage Treatment

How To Make Sage Tea:

In a pot place sage leaves and pour hot water in it. Let it steep for 10 minutes. Strain it well and add honey. You can have this tea once in a day to get relief from runny nose.

Sage Tea

Hope these easy and effective home remedies for runny nose offer relief from problems.