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5 Homemade Anti-Aging Eye Creams To Make You Look Younger

As the skin under the eye is thinner than rest of the facial skin, it needs special care. Because of its delicate nature, it is the area of the face where the first signs of skin aging appear. The role of an eye cream is to moisturize and nourish the delicate under eye area to help keep it smooth and firm. Regular application of eye cream helps in diminishing wrinkling of the skin and reducing formation of crow’s feet. While the cosmetic stores are packed with commercial eye creams, you can enjoy the same benefits at a fraction of a price by applying homemade eye cream.

Here Are Some Easy Recipes For Homemade Eye Creams That Are Known To Work Wonders

1. Aloe Vera Eye Cream

Aloe vera gel is an excellent moisturizer for the delicate under eye area. Use a double boiler to melt a teaspoon of grated beeswax and combine it with a teaspoon of apricot kernel oil. Remove the pan from the heat, and add half a teaspoon of aloe vera gel. Mix the ingredients well and let the mixture cool down. Add one teaspoon of grapefruit essential oil. Pierce a vitamin E capsule and add the vitamin E oil. Before bedtime, evenly apply a small amount of the night cream to the under eye area.[1]

Aloe Vera Eye Cream

2. Coconut Oil Eye Cream

Coconut oil helps in keeping the skin hydrated. You can make a simple yet useful eye cream by combining coconut oil with vitamin E. Break two vitamin E capsules and mix the vitamin E oil with a tablespoon of coconut oil. Gently massage the eye area with the coconut oil eye cream.[2]

Coconut Oil Eye Cream

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3. Avocado Eye Cream

Avocado is rich in essential fatty acids that help in lubricating and firming the skin around the eyes. Put three slices of ripe avocado in a blender. Add five drops of almond oil and blend well until you get a smooth paste. Apply the avocado eye cream to the area around the eyes. Leave it on at least for five minutes and then rinse off.

Avocado Eye Cream

4. Cocoa Butter Eye Cream

Cocoa butter is an excellent moisturizing ingredient for the dry skin around the eye. It helps in reducing the wrinkles and retaining the moisture in the skin. Mix the content of three vitamin E capsules with two teaspoons of cocoa butter. Apply the cocoa butter eye cream around the eye area twice a day.[4]

Cocoa Butter Eye Cream

5. Green Tea Eye Cream

Green tea is known for its antioxidant property that helps in minimizing appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. To the top of a double boiler, add coconut oil and green tea and simmer on low heat for an hour. Strain out the tea leaves and preserve the oil. Mix three teaspoons of the green tea infused oil with the content of two vitamin E capsules. Add two drops of carrot seed essential oil and mix well. Apply the green tea eye cream to the under eye area.[5]

Green Tea Eye Cream