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5 Homemade Coconut Oil Body Scrub To Remove Dead Skin

Most of us exfoliate our face regularly for a fresh, glowing appearance but not our body. Using body scrub on regular basis can drastically improve your skin. Without exfoliation, the pores of your body’s skin will get clogged; block moisture and the skin will become hard and unattractive. Coconut oil is a miracle natural beauty ingredient for those who like to limit the use of chemicals on their skin and get awesome results. Coconut oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Coconut oil easily melts and seeps into the skin pores and moisturizes the skin deeply and acts as a gentle yet thorough cleanser. Coconut oil body scrubs are excellent, not just for exfoliating the body, it makes the body soft, reduces scars and cellulite.

Here Are 5 Homemade Coconut Oil Body Scrub Recipes Which Will Remove Dead Skin Cells From Your Body And Make Your Skin Soft, Supple And Smooth:

1. Homemade Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub


Granulated Sugar ¼ Cup
Coconut Oil ½ Cup (Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil)
½ Tsp. Citrus Essential Oil (Optional) Grapefruit/lemon/orange

Homemade Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub


Combine all the ingredients. No need to heat coconut oil. Apply all over your body and massage gently for few seconds in circular motion. Skin will absorb the oil completely; Rinse off to get soft supple and clean skin.

2. Coconut Oil Body Scrub With Coffee:


½ Cup Organic Coconut Oil
1 Cup Ground Coffee
1 Cup Sugar Or Salt
½ Tsp. Cinnamon Powder (Optional)

Coconut Oil Body Scrub with Coffee


Melt the coconut oil and allow it to cool. Before it solidifies add all the ingredients, mix well and store in a container. Apply the scrub to exfoliate your whole body once a week. Caffeine in coffee ground is great for removing cellulite and stretch marks and signs of aging. Absorbing into skin, coffee ground helps to dehydrate the fluid that causes cellulite and tightens the skin.

3. Coconut Oil Body Scrub With Baking Soda:


Coconut Oil 1/4th Cup
Baking Soda 2 Tablespoon
2-3 Drops Essential Oil Of Your Choice (Lavender/ Lemon/ Frankincense)

Coconut Oil Body Scrub with Baking Soda


You already know how beneficial coconut oil for your body is; combining baking soda with coconut oil makes an excellent scrub that will make your skin supper soft, supple and glowing. Mix and apply on your entire body rubbing gently in circular motion. Your body will feel lighter and brighter when you use this scrub once a week.

4. Coconut Oil Salt Scrub:

This homemade body scrub made with coconut oil and Epsom salt will leave your body skin baby soft and smooth. For a nice fragrance you can add any essential oil of your choice.


1cup Of Organic Coconut Oil
½ Cup Of Epsom Salt
6-10 Drops Of Essential Oil (Optional)

Coconut Oil Salt Scrub


Mix Coconut oil, Epsom salt and essential oil together. Apply as foot scrub, hand scrub or body scrub as required before taking shower. Do this outside the bathtub to avoid getting slipped.

5. Coconut Oil Body Scrub with Oatmeal and Brown Sugar:

Oatmeal is a good substitute for those with sensitive skin. It exfoliates the skin gently as it is soothing for the skin.


¼ Cup Coconut Oil
½ Cup Brown Sugar
½ Cup Ground Oatmeal
6-8 Drops Of Essential Oil (Optional)

Coconut Oil Body Scrub with Oatmeal and Brown Sugar


Combine the ingredients and apply the scrub on your wet skin gently rubbing in circular motion. Rinse off and pat dry your skin to get clean, fresh and glowing skin. Use this scrub once a week for best result.