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5 Homemade Deep Cleansing And Nourishing Rinses For Thick Curly Hair

Thick hair tends to get dirty and if not taken care of might get rough and dry. Cleansing thick curly hair is difficult due to the nature of curls and thickness. However, if proper care is not taken, it might result in hair fall and damage. Homemade cleasing for thick and curly hair are easy to prepare and can soften and make hair more manageable. These rinses are rejuvinating and help to give a healthy glow to hair. You can also prepare these rinses in advance and store them in the refrigerator for later use.

Here Are The 5 Homemade Deep Cleansing Rinses For Thick Curly Hair:

1. Olive Oil And Water

Water and olive oil when mixed together offers a great cleansing as well as nourishing solution for hair. You need three tablespoons of olive oil mixed with ten tablespoons of water. Stir and apply this on your wet hair. Massage lightly so that the solution is able to coat all hair strands. Let it remain for twenty minutes. You can then rinse your hair with water. Olive oil and water shall cleanse and nourish your hair at the same time. Your hair gets rejuvinated and has a healthy glow.


2. Milk And Vinegar

Milk is highly nutritious and helps in cleansing hair at the same time. Thick and curly hair needs deep cleansing, as hair tends to accumulate dirt and particles between the curls. You need to mix milk and vinegar in equal quantities as per the length of your hair. Mix and use the rinse to wash your wet hair. Keep massaging the inner curls so that all dirt and dust is removed. Milk will cleanse your hair and nourish it. Vinegar helps in removing oiliness which attracts dirt. It also cleanses the scalp.


3. Lemon Water

Lemon is a natural astringent. It helps in closing scalp pores so that excessive oil secretion is reduced. If there is excessive oil secretion, it shall increase dirt accumulation and make hair sticky. You need the juice of two lemons at least. Add the juice to one liter of water and stir well. Use this rinse to cleanse your wet hair. Massage your thick curls lightly so that the cleansing solution is able to reach all strands. Apply this pack once a week for clean and fresh hair.


4. Buttermilk Solution

Buttermilk makes a good rinse for hair. It helps in cleansing, removes excessive oiliness and reduces roughness, which is often associated with thick and curly hair. Buttermilk also helps to cleanse the scalp and strengthens hair roots. Add a few drops of olive oil in the buttermilk solution to make it extra nutritious and healthy. Rinse your wet hair with this solution. Let it remain for ten minutes. Rinse off with normal clean water. If you use this rinse thrice a week, your thick curly hair will be nourished and clean throughout the year.


5. Coconut Oil, Vinegar And Water

Coconut oil is said to be an excellent conditioner and cleanser for thick and curly hair. You need to add one tablespoon coconut oil in one tablespoon water. Vinegar is an excellent cleanser. It works to remove oil  and dirt from curls. Vinegar also adds a natural shine to hair. Apply this mixture on your hair and let it remain. Massage your hair strands lightly so that coconut oil is slowly absorbed by your hair. Water helps in cleansing the hair. This is an effective rinse for dry hair which is thick and curly.