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5 Homemade Hair Masks For Thick And Long Hair

We all love thick and healthy long hair, but unfortunately often due to our hectic lifestyle and diet we face different types of hair problems. Thick long and healthy hair is still a dream for many who suffer from problems related to hair-fall, split ends, damaged hair, and dandruff. You can take care of your hair at home with a few effective natural homemade hair packs which can help you to get long and thick healthy hair.

Here Are The 5 Homemade Hair Masks For Thick And Long Hair:

1. Mayonnaise And Egg Hair Mask

Mayonnaise and eggs are both rich in proteins which helps in strengthening roots and scalp while encouraging hair growth. To prepare the pack, you will need two or three egg whites as per length of your hair and a spoon of mayonnaise. You can also add a spoon of yogurt. Mix the ingredients well. Apply this protein rich hair pack at least twice a week. This will help in having a healthy scalp, hair growth and help in controlling hair fall.

Mayonnaise and Egg Hair Mask

2. Gram Flour Mask

Gram flour is also a protein rich pack which promotes hair growth and nourishes the scalp. You need to soak 4-5 tablespoons of gram flour as per your hair length. Soak overnight and the next morning grind them to get a thick paste. Add one beaten egg into this along with one teaspoon lemon juice. Add one tablespoon yogurt and mix well. Lemon will help in reducing dandruff which causes hair fall while yogurt shall nourish the hair. Apply this pack on the scalp and hair and let it remain for thirty minutes before you wash it off.

Gram Flour Mask

3. Banana And Coconut Milk Mask

Banana is rich in phosphorous while coconut milk contains high quantities of proteins. This is just the best combination of getting stronger and thicker hair by nourishing hair roots thoroughly. To prepare this healthy pack, you will need a banana and mash it well. Add the coconut milk and mix well so that no lumps are there. You can apply this puree on your scalp and hair. Let the pack remain for at least thirty minutes and wash off using cold water. Regular application will help you in achieving thick and long hair.

Banana and Coconut Milk Mask

4. Yogurt And Cream Hair Mask

Milk cream helps to soften hair strands and nourishes the scalp with all essential nutrients. Yogurt helps to reduce infections and strengthens the scalp which promotes hair growth.  A whole egg can be added to the hair for promoting thick and long hair. You will need three tablespoons of yogurt, two tablespoons of milk cream and one whole egg. Mix all ingredients well and apply the pack on your hair. This enriching pack will deeply condition your hair from within.

Yogurt and Cream Hair Mask

5. Potato Mask

To prepare this pack you need one large potato and grate it well. You need the juice from this grated potato in a bowl. Add a spoon of aloe vera gel and mix two teaspoons of honey in this. Mix all the ingredients well so that the honey dissolves well in the mixture. You can use this pack to massage your hair roots and scalp for some minutes.Keep your head covered with a shower cap. Let the pack remain for two hours at least and rinse off using warm water. This pack shall nourish your scalp and promote the growth of thick and healthy hair. Apply this pack three times a week for best results.

Potato Mask