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5 Homemade Hair Nourishing Packs For Thick Curly Hair

Thick hair needs a lot of care due to the curls and frizz. If you do not take proper care of your curls, there are chances of dirt getting accumulated, which can lead to tremendous damage in texture and quality of your hair. Thick hair needs regular maintenance for its growth, health, and shine. Curly hair is often let loose and if your hair doesn’t look nourished and healthy, it can spoil your entire look. You can prepare a few homemade hair nourishing packs for your regular use.

Here Are The 5 Homemade Hair Nourishing Packs For Thick Curly Hair:

1. Honey And Yogurt Pack

Honey mixed with yogurt makes a nutritious pack for curly and wavy hair. Honey will soften your hair strands, increase hair growth and keep your scalp. Thick curly hair should have a healthy clear scalp so that there is no fungal infection. To prepare this pack, you need three tablespoons honey and one cup of yogurt. You can increase or decrease the quantity as per your hair length. Mix all two ingredients well and apply this evenly on your hair. Wash with cold water after an hour. You can apply this pack thrice in a week.


2. Olive Oil And Yogurt Pack

Olive oil is a great hair nourisher. It strengthens hair roots and makes hair soft and shiny. To prepare this hair nourishing pack, you will need a cup of yogurt and one tablespoon olive oil. Mix both ingredients well and apply evenly on all your hair strands. Ensure that every curl is evenly coated. This pack shall cleanse your hair, add to the shine and nourish your hair well. Rinse your hair after an hour. Regular application of this pack shall keep your hair nourished and healthy.


3. Banana And Coconut Milk Pack

Banana is known for its high nutrients for your hair, mainly in the form of phosphorous and other hair proteins. Hair proteins are an essential nutrient for the hair and help in keeping hair strong and nourished. You will need one whole banana for this pack and half a cup of coconut milk. Blend the banana well in the blender so that there are no lumps. Add the coconut milk and mix again. You can apply this hair pack all over your hair and let it sit for at least one hour. Coconut milk helps in cleansing the hair and adds a natural shine.


4. Papaya And Aloe Vera Gel Pack

This pack is usually prepared with two ingredients – papaya and aloe vera gel. Papaya is a great food for hair, keeping it nourished and healthy. This pack can be prepared with a whole cup of papaya pulp and one tablespoon of aloe vera gel. Blend both the ingredients so that there are no lumps. Apply evenly all over and let it remain for two hours. Aloe vera gel will reduce infections, reduce hair damage and nourish your scalp and hair well. You can apply this pack thrice a week for keeping your hair well nourished.


5. Olive Oil And Egg White Pack

Egg whites help in maintaining hair healthy while olive oil nourished the scalp and hair roots. Olive oil mixed with eggs reduces problems of dryness, split ends, dullness and hair fall too. You need to whisk two eggs or more as per your hair length and add olive oil in equal quantity. Blend both the ingredients well and apply the pack all over your hair. Rinse your hair after one hour. You can apply this pack thrice a week.